16 Major Updates From Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest & Snapchat

Major updates from social networks from this week which include Pinterest Palettes, Snapchat Monetization model, Facebook dislike button, Twitter Square deal

Facebook Dislike

Twitter updates

1. Twitter and Google line up instant articles feature on mobile: Google and Twitter are working on an answer to Facebook’s Instant Articles feature for mobile users. Recode reports that a number of publishers are on board for the scheme which will in turn increase the load speed of articles integrated with the site.

2. Twitter And Square Partner To Create Another Way To Throw Money At Political Candidates:Twitter on Tuesday announced it would partner with payments service Square to allow its users to donate to political candidates via tweets. Political candidates sign up for accounts through Square Cash, and then their campaigns can tweet a $Cashtag to request donations from supporters.

3. Bloomberg and Twitter Sign Data Licensing Agreement: Today Bloomberg announced it has signed a long-term data agreement with Twitter that will further enhance financially relevant information found on the social media platform for users of the Bloomberg Professional service.

4. Brands Shifting From YouTube To Native Video On Twitter: Recent data from Socialbakers shows that brands will soon be sharing more native video on Twitter than YouTube content. The data from the 500 largest brands on Twitter from January to July, shows a strong trend.

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Facebook updates

5. Facebook is working on a virtual reality app: Facebook is trying to make virtual reality accessible without using a geeky headset. The social network is looking to add to its family of mobile apps with a new one focused on 360-degree videos that works by letting users navigate it by tilting their phones, The Wall Street Journal reports.

6. Facebook Is About to Take the Training Wheels off Facebook at Work: Facebook at Work, a nearly identical version of the social network designed specifically for communicating with colleagues, has been in a closed beta since January. But that pilot program is ending, and the company will likely launch a freemium version of the interoffice network by the end of the year, said Julien Codorniou, head of Facebook at Work, during an interview with Re/code.

7. Facebook gives in to brand demands and lifts the veil on video views: The advertisers are winning the measurement fight with Facebook. For the first time, the social network is letting an outside party examine its ad books, giving brands an independent measurement of views.

8. Facebook rolls out Signal, a social newsgathering tool for journalists: As everyone in Silicon Valley looks to cozy up to the media, Facebook has released new tools to help journalists find, organize and publish content found on its extensive social network.

9. Facebook, Shopify tighten e-commerce ties with merchant page Shop section: The companies announced Wednesday that Shopify merchants will soon be able to sell their wares through a new Shop section on small business Facebook pages. When a user clicks on a product, merchants can either direct shoppers from Facebook to their online store or let them checkout directly on the Facebook site or mobile app. Shopify will handle payment processing and transaction tracking.

10. Relax, brands, Facebook’s ‘dislike’ button won’t be hatemaggedon: Rest easy, McDonald’s, Walmart, Comcast and any other brand that has armies of haters. Despite the Internet frenzy over Mark Zuckerberg saying Facebook is working on a “dislike” button, there’s little chance this will turn Facebook into Lord of the Flies.

11. App Ad Spend On Facebook Up Nearly 300 Percent In Q2: App developers spent 293 percent more on Facebook ads in Q2 2015 than in Q2 the prior year, and mobile app installs from Facebook ads grew by 346 percent year-over-year. That’s according to Kenshoo’s latest quarterly report on mobile app advertising.

Snapchat updates

12. Snapchat Acquires Looksery To Power Its Animated Lenses: Snapchat’s new animated selfie Lenses come courtesy of a new acquisition: Looksery. In a suspicious turn of events, Selfie animation app Looksery disappeared from the App Stores this morning just as Snapchat launched Lenses. Meme artist Ronen V informed me that Lenses looked identical to Looksery’s technology. And after I inquired, Snapchat confirmed to me that it has in fact acquired Looksery, and the Looksery team has joined Snapchat’s.

13. Snapchat provides a firehose of readers to BuzzFeed: BuzzFeed CEO Jonah Peretti has revealed where BuzzFeed gets its viewers from – and it’s great news for Snapchat. Peretti told Recode’s Peter Kafka that his company gets a full 21% of its traffic from Snapchat content views. That’s astounding considering BuzzFeed only joined Snapchat’s “Discover” feature in late July.

14. Snapchat now lets you pay 99 cents to replay any snap: Users can now pay 99 cents to replay old snaps. Previously, Snapchatters were only able to replay one snap a day for free. Users will still have the one free replay daily, but now they can replay as many snaps as they like as long as they’re willing to pay. The fee will get users three replays. Snapchat only allows each snap to replayed once, before it disappears forever.

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Pinterest updates

15. Topshop & Pinterest Unveil Pinterest Palettes For Fashion Week Fans & Shoppers: The new feature, called Pinterest Palettes, from clothing and accessory retailer Topshop, enables customers to browse the company’s e-commerce site — or in the retailer’s NYC SoHo and London Oxford locations — using color schemes that are suggested by the Pins they have saved. Users who log into the Topshop site using their Pinterest credentials will be presented with palette options based on their “color DNA.” They can also browse palettes from boards specific to each fashion week.

16. Pinterest Says It Has 100 Million Monthly Active Users: For the first time in its five-year history, Pinterest has released its user total, and it’s a big round one: 100 million monthly active members.