16 Global Digital Marketing Campaigns That You Should Read This Week

Best of the global digital marketing campaigns from the week which includes Nasdaq is on Snapchat, Target’s Big digital holiday campaign, ASDA Because It’s Christmas and more.

1. Slack has launched its first ad campaign: Slack, the $2.8 billion business messaging app, has launched its first ad campaign. Adweek reports that a billboard campaign is launching in four US cities: Cleveland, Charlotte, Minneapolis, and Milwaukee.

2. Hyatt Is Serving Customers Through Facebook Messenger: Hotel customers are enjoying a new way of reaching out to the Hyatt hotel chain through social media. Through a marketing partner called Conversocial, the hotel operator is testing Facebook Messenger as a social channel for customer service. This tool opens up new channels of support engagement. It puts the Hyatt corporation squarely in the center of where many conversations are happening, while offering immediate assistance to a new audience.

3. Why Nasdaq is on Snapchat: Even Wall Street wants in on Snapchat. Just under two months ago, Nasdaq launched its Snapchat presence during the launch of the Nasdaq Entrepreneurial Center, a non-profit targeting young would-be Evan Spiegels. The idea: the young people onSnapchat might one day list their companies on Nasdaq.

4. Burberry invites the public to join its festive fashion shoot in ‘The Burberry Booth’:Burberry has invited the public to participate in its festive video campaign with the launch of ‘The Burberry Booth’. The video booth, powered by Google, enables the public to capture footage of themselves which is then to to be inserted into a personalised 15 second edit of the fashion label’s campaign.

5. Coca-Cola’s glass bottle turns 100 and parties with Microsoft’s #HowOldRobot: The Coca-Cola bottle turned 100 last week, and it’s starting to look its age. Coca-Cola teamed up with Microsoft’s “How-Old” facial recognition site to celebrate the centennial anniversary of its vintage contoured bottle by making it the first inanimate object recognized by the tool. The brand wants users to upload a photo of an old-timey glass Coke bottle to How-Old.net in exchange for a surprise: The image-recognition software displays the “age” of the bottle as 100 years old, as the page turns red.

6. Bobble challenges Live For Once trend: Seventh Generation, the environmentally minded cleaning, paper and personal care products company, is running a satirical advertising campaign promoting Bobble, its water bottle brand. The “Live For Once” spoof ad at the heart of the campaign introduces a fake brand, “Once”, associated with the one-use trend amongst young adults. The Bobble “End The Trend” push is connected not only with the Bobble water bottle, but also with the Bobble Infuse and Bobble Insulate product line.

7. Target’s Big Digital Holiday Campaign Combines Snapchat, Facebook and Instagram: Target is bringing out all the digital (jingle) bells and whistles this year for its holiday campaign, which plays out across Snapchat, Facebook, Instagram and other apps. Social makes up 12 percent of its paid media spend, a 30 percent increase over last year.

8. ASDA Because It’s Christmas: ASDA, the British supermarket chain, is connecting with the Christmas season this year with #BecauseItsChristmas, an upbeat advertising campaign. The opening commercial in the campaign shows the lengths people go to get into the festive spirit and uses real-life examples from a customer poll.

9. Lenovo’s Re-Invention Now Includes Crowdsourcing A New Video Game: Computer maker Lenovo wants to be known for more than just ThinkPads. So the company is launching today an effort to develop a new video game with the crowdsourced help of the gaming community.Called Game State, the project was announced on the Lenovo blog and a website of the same name.

10. Want to Know When Rihanna’s New Album Drops? Follow This Samsung Campaign: Rihanna is building buzz around her new album with a tricky campaign from Samsung and 72andSunny. The ads, launched during Sunday night’s American Music Awards, lead to an immersive online experience—a website and game—where consumers can put together clues and possibly find out when Rihanna’s new album will be released.

11. Sony embedded a secret message in a new digital video ad: Sony’s latest digital ad for its flagship Xperia Z5 phone may have seemed just like a regular video, but Scandinavian viewers with a bit of an eye found that it also contained a little secret message. The new phone has an autofocus of just 0.03 seconds, which is also the exact length of time a frame is visible in a video.

12. This Is How Macy’s Will Target Its Facebook and Instagram Ads for the Holidays:Macy’s is running promos all day Wednesday via Instagram’s 3-month-old offering called Marquee, a takeover-style ad unit that lets brands utilize three clips and hit a large audience. Macy’s declined to say how much the holiday campaign costs, but the ads are priced at a premium and can’t be bought through Instagram’s recently launched API software platform.

13. Warburtons Giant Crumpet Show:Warburtons, the British bakery, has launched the Warburtons Giant Crumpet Show, an advertising campaign featuring The Muppets and chairman Jonathan Warburton. The 120-second commercial is part of a £25 million campaign to launch the bakery brand’s new Giant Crumpet’s range, claiming the only way to make the UK favourite better, is to make it bigger.

14. YouTube spotlights climate change videos with #OursToLose campaign: YouTube users will notice a new icon at the top of the video platform this week as part of a new campaign to highlight how climate change “affects the things we love.” In the lead-up to the high-stakes U.N. Paris Climate Summit that will start on Nov. 30, YouTube has launched the #OursToLose campaign, showcasing videos about climate change and the environment, and encouraging its mostly youthful users to get involved in the issue.

15. Shiseido High School Girls? Shiseido, the Japanese hair care and cosmetics manufacturer, along with Japanese film production company Watts of Tokyo, has won the Grand Prix for Film at the 2015 Epica Awards. The film “Shiseido High School Girls”, takes us into a classroom in which attractive students look at the camera, made up in Shiseido’s products. Halfway through the film we’re let into the secret behind the high school girls appearance. A student holds a book in which the Japanese words translated into English read, “Did you realize that there are boys in this classroom?”. The tagline, written on paper at the end, “Anyone can be cute”.

16. ElaN Taste The Translation: ElaN Languages, the online translation tool, has picked up the Digital Grand Prix at the 2015 Epica Awards for “ElaN Taste The Translation”. Not many people know the quality of ElaN, since almost everyone uses Google Translate. What better way to prove that one online translation tool works better than the other by putting them both to a test: a tasting test.