16 Best Digital Marketing Reads From Lighthouse Insights

Best of last week from Lighthouse Insights which includes best of 2015 in digital marketing, 2016 trends from experts, expert guest posts on the year 2015 and more

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Best of 2015 from LI

1. 15 Memorable Influencer Marketing Campaigns Of 2015: A look at the best 2015 campaigns that truly leveraged the power of influencers to help build credibility, campaign buzz and targeted social reach. Read more here.

2. 12 ORM Brand Wins & Fails Of 2015: 2015 has brought us some cool instances of ORM, by which we can have takeaways, both what to do and what not to do when your brand’s reputation is at stake. Read more here.

3. The 27 Winning Brand Connect Visuals Of 2015: A compilation of 27 amazing visuals churned out by Indian brands in 2015, not on the basis of likes or shares earned, but by the degree to which the visual connected back to the brand vision. Read more here.

4. 18 Cool Digital Marketing Campaigns Of Quarter 4, 2015: A curated list of the best Indian social and digital media marketing campaigns reviewed in Quarter 4, 2015. Read more here.

Expert Guest Posts

5. 2015: The Great Indian Digital Bar Mitzvah – Amaresh Godbole: In this exclusive piece, Amaresh Godbole, Digitas LBi MD India talks about how digital marketing in India has evolved in 2015, the stumbling blocks and road ahead. Read more here.

6. 10 Digital Marketing Trends That May Shape 2016 – Venke Sharma: Venke Sharma shares his list of the top 10 digital marketing trends that will define 2016: growth of WhatsApp, rise of connected consumers, rise of Digital PR, and more. Read more here.

7. The Death Of The Digital Agency. Long live Digital – Sabyasachi Mitter: Sabyasachi Mitter, MD, ibs shares why 2016 is going to be a very interesting year for digital in India, even if it still commands significantly less share of wallet than traditional media. Read more here.

8. 5 Most Important Trends In Social Customer Service Missed In 2015 – Deep Sherchan: Deep Sherchan, Co-Founder and CMO at Simplify360 throws light on the five major trends that are picking up in Online Reputation Management. Read more here.

Digital Experts On 2015

9. How Did Indian PR Experts Observe The Evolution Of Digital PR In 2015: Experts from the Indian PR industry believe that Digital PR has played a significant role in 2015 but still has some time to go before it gets adopted by all. Read more here.

10. Blogging Then & Now – How Social Networks Killed It In 2015: As we cross over to a new year, we try and figure what blogging has transformed into, and what future blogs could look like, now that social networks are the new blogs. Read more here.

11. Indian Publishers On How Digital Publishing Has Evolved In 2015: Top Indian publishers share their 2015 observations on digital publishing: digital is growing but print isn’t going anywhere, mobile played a big role and will continue in 2016 too. Read more here.

12. Top Creative Minds Share How Visual Content On Digital Evolved In 2015: Chief Creative Officers and Senior Creative Directors of the industry talk about the evolution of visual content: videos, GIFs, forms of storytelling, cinema graphs and more. Read more here.

13. Media Planners Talk About How Digital Media Buying Has Played Out In 2015: Digital media planners and buyers think that 2015 has been a great year with businesses increasing digital ad spends. However digital has still to match with other media spends. Read more here.

Digital Experts On Trends 2016

14. Visual Content Trends For 2016 As Predicted By Creative Heads: Creative and Chief Creative Heads of the country predict 2016 to be another year that could see more innovation in visual content space with video at its core. Read more here.

15. Digital Publishing Trends For 2016 As Predicted By Publishers: Mobile & Videos will be a continued theme in 2016, as top Indian publishers predict digital publishing trends for 2016. Read more here.

16. Digital PR Trends For 2016 As Predicted By PR Experts: Experts from the Indian PR industry believe Digital PR will continue to grow at an unmatched pace in 2016 as traditional PR will be pushed further back. Read more here.