15 Major Updates From Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest & LinkedIn

Week's major social network updates that include LinkedIn Groups going private, Pinterest localizes search, Facebook Reactions, Facebook Expands Mobile Video, Twitter Moments.


1. Twitter Now Lets You Upload Video Via The Desktop: Uploading video to Twitter is no longer a mobile-only process. Starting today, users can upload video from the desktop.

2. Twitter Testing YouTube-Like Video Advertising Model With New Amplify Offering: Twitter is opening up its Amplify program beyond direct publisher buys with a new option that should appeal to a much wider array of advertisers looking to run pre-roll ads on the platform.

3. Twitter’s head of product says editing tweets is hard: According to Twitter head of product Kevin Weil, editing tweets is easier said than done. When faced with the question of when we’ll be able to do so during Recode’s Code Mobile conference, Weil noted that that wasn’t so much a technical hurdle, but more about how it can change the context of a tweet that might have been embedded or shared elsewhere.

4. Twitter launches Moments, its real-time curation tool, for normals (and brands): Project Lightning, the ambitious multimedia product aimed at saving Twitter, launched today. Moments, as it’s being publicly called, was created to make the struggling social network easier to use for people who don’t spend all day on it. It’s seen as a “hail mary” project to appease investors, shore up its revolving doors of executives and rejuvenate user growth that has stalled recently.

5. Facebook Is Rolling Out Verified Badges For Local Business Pages: Have a local business Page on Facebook? Soon you’ll be able to give your Page an official stamp of authenticity. Facebook today started rolling out verified badges for local businesses. The badges come in the form of gray check marks — to differentiate them from the blue checks displayed on verified Pages for celebrities, public figures, sports teams and other media and entertainment organizations — and are available for businesses with a physical location in the US, Canada, Great Britain, Australia and New Zealand.

6. Facebook Adjusts News Feed To Load Better In The 2G World: Facebook’s latest change to the News Feed is aimed squarely at the developing world. That’s where the social network is signing up most of its new users, and because many of those people are connecting via slower 2G mobile connections, Facebook is making technical accommodations. Using a Facebook-created open-source “Network Connection Class,” Facebook is able to sniff out how fast a person’s connection is and serve content in the News Feed accordingly.

7. Facebook Gives Viewers 3 New Ways to Engage With Their Favorite TV Shows: Facebook is trying to steal some of Twitter’s thunder, aiming to be the first choice among second-screen viewers, people who watch TV and engage on social media at the same time. So, this morning Facebook—with its 213 million monthly active users in the U.S.—announced new tools aimed at helping TV producers better engage audiences during live broadcasts.

8. Facebook Expands Mobile Video Feature That Helps Content Creators Make Money: The program is geared specifically for iPhone viewers, since a majority of Facebook’s traffic comes from mobile, to help publishers squeeze some extra money from clips watched from a smartphone. The stream pulls in video ads that brands have already bought, meaning that marketers are not paying extra money to get their clips to appear in the new section.

9. Facebook Explains How “Reactions” Emoji Will Influence News Feed Reach: During Facebook’s testing of Reactions emoji, Facebook will treat them just like a Like when it comes to ranking posts in the News Feed algorithm.

10. Facebook Simplifies Mobile Lead Collection, Rolls Out Lead Ads: No one likes filling out forms on mobile devices. But Facebook is aiming to make that clunky process easier — and more likely to help businesses pull in the customer information they crave — with a new ad product that automatically fills out forms based on Facebook user data. Called “lead ads” and in testing since June, the ad unit is now available to all advertisers, Facebook said today in a blog post.

11. Pinterest Doubles Amount of Buyable Pins to 60 Million: The image bookmarking service better known as Pinterest has more than doubled the amount of Buyable Pins offered on its platform to 60 million since initially debuting in June. The company also added thousands of new merchants with the addition of three new e-commerce platforms: Magento, IBM Commerce and Bigcommerce, the company said Monday during Shop.org’s Digital Summit in Philadelphia.

12. Pinterest Localizes Search For Its Large International Audience: Focusing on international growth, Pinterest has updated its search to improve the experience for Pinners abroad.

13. Google Is Making the Mobile Web Faster for Publishers and Their Readers: Google launched a program called Accelerated Mobile Pages, or AMP, which speeds up load times by plugging a piece of Google code into publishers’ websites. Google claims its tools cut down load time between 15 percent and 85 percent in initial tests.

14. YouTube Shopping Ads To Expand Beyond Merchants’ Own Videos: Taking shopping ads on YouTube a step further, Google has announced Shopping ads for YouTube will appear on other videos, not just those of the retailer or brand advertising.

15. LinkedIn Is Making All LinkedIn Groups Private Starting Oct. 14: On Oct. 14, the company will start unveiling those updates, rolling out revamped Groups on the desktop and a standalone iOS app. (An Android app is also in the works.) The app will offer push notifications for Group conversations.