15 Major Updates From Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Periscope, Instagram, & Snapchat

Social network news of the week - Facebook expands Audience Network, Facebook is killing Notify, Twitter peeks at 360-degree video, Snapchat Now More Popular Than Twitter, and more


1. Pinterest’s “Pin it” button changes its name internationally: Pinterest’s “Pin It” is no more. The button has changed its name to something a tad more recognizable across the globe: “Save.”This minor change makes a major difference across the board, as the name, the company says, is intended to be a more appropriate word that has a positive connotation globally.

2. Twitter’s throwing the doors to its pre-roll video ad biz wide open: Twitter is making it easier for advertisers to spend their digital video budgets on the social network. After opening up its pre-roll video ad marketplace in October 2015, Twitter will now make it easier for advertisers to buy these ads, which play before videos posted by top publishers like BuzzFeed, Complex Media, The Young Turks and Tastemade.

3. Twitter peeks at 360-degree video with Samsung campaign for NBA Finals: Twitter has started to take a look at supporting 360-degree videos on its service, like YouTube and Facebook already do. On Thursday night, the NBA will post 360-degree videos to its Twitter account through a sponsorship deal with Samsung struck through Twitter’s Amplify video ad program.

4. Snapchat Now More Popular Than Twitter, Said to Have 150M Daily Users: Snapchat has 150 million people using the service each day, said people familiar with the matter. That makes the four-year-old messaging app more popular than Twitter by daily active users.

5. A new Facebook chatbot could help you find your next job: Since Facebook Messenger opened its doors to developers in April, brands and publishers have unleashed a small army of chatbots. But a new bot lets companies do more than chat to the app’s 900 million users: It can hire them.

6. Wimbledon inks a three-year deal with Snapchat: The tournament, which kicks off June 27, has inked a three-year deal with the hot messaging platform to have a temporary home in in Snapchat Live section for the U.K., starting this month.

7. Facebook is killing Notify, its app that sent breaking news notifications: Facebook has pulled the plug on its Notify app after launching it in the App Store just 7 months ago.

8. Twitter is testing out a Periscope button for select mobile users: Twitter has started testing out a new Periscope button on some mobile users, allowing you to easily start a live Periscope broadcast and tweet it out right from the Twitter app.

9. Facebook’s DeepText has ‘near-human’ understanding of people’s posts: Facebook has developed DeepText, a new way to parse text using artificial intelligence processes that’s quicker at picking up new languages and slang than traditional approaches. In a company blog post published on Wednesday, three members of the company’s applied machine learning team — Ahmad Abdulkader, Aparna Lakshmiratan and Joy Zhang — announced the technology that’s already being used across Facebook and Facebook Messenger.

10. Instagram adds business profiles, will tell brands how many times their organic posts are shown: Instagram is finally opening up about new tools it’s adding for businesses, which include business-specific profiles and a way for brands using these business profiles to track how many times their posts actually popped up on people’s screens.

11. Facebook rolls out 1,500 new ‘diverse’ emojis for Messenger: Facebook’s emoji for Messenger are becoming more diverse and less sexist.Tomorrow, the chat app is rolling out a 1,500 new emojis on the chat app including the ability to let users customize the emojis’ skin color, placing it in line with Unicode Consortium’s standards.

12. Facebook may add end-to-end encryption to Messenger, report says: Facebook Messenger may follow WhatsApp in implementing stronger encryption, according to a new report. The social network could add end-to-end encryption to its Messenger app later this year.

13. Periscope introduces real-time comment moderation: Livestreaming app Periscope is rolling out a new experiment with real-time comment moderation, the company announced today.

14. Facebook set to foster popularity of branded content: At its annual conference, Facebook said it would allow publishers to include branded content in their Instant Articles posts, using a new tag and ad unit as part of broader efforts to encourage more high-quality content of all kinds, especially live video.

15. Facebook expands Audience Network reach beyond just its users — to everyone: Two years ago, Facebook launched the Facebook Audience Network as part of an effort to expand the reach of Facebook ads outside of the boundaries of Facebook itself. Facebook users could then be targeted on third-party mobile apps and, as of earlier this year, mobile websites in the network.