1. How Dunkin’ got 2,000 franchisees to watch corporate videos:Glen Schwartz, director of global corporate communications at Dunkin’ Brands, had a real problem on his hands: He needed the company’s 2,000 franchisees to start checking email headquarters would send with important updates on everything from training information to product releases to messages from the CEO. To solve the problem, Dunkin’ has turned to a new method of communication over the past year — high-production videos that ran about two minutes.

2. Online #BearStare Game Has Fun #DroughtShaming Californians Into Saving Water:It’s no secret that California is suffering from an unprecedented drought. A new online game and accompanying campaign, created by Campbell Ewald for Energy Upgrade California, aims to counter #droughtshaming — the practice of shaming and blankly staring at people wasting water when they shouldn’t be — with the #BearStare. The game is accompanied by a TV spot which features the bear and urges people to seek out information on saving water, as well as avoiding the Bear Stare.

3. Nike Short A Guy:Nike has launched “Short A Guy”, a commercial promoting the cross-discipline Gear Up hub on Nike.com. The 90 second commercial follows a boy who’s continually invited to join sports team “short a guy”.

4. This Ad Hilariously Skewers Every Bad Business Cliché Your Coworkers Have Uttered:The fun new spot, made by public relations shop FleishmanHillard in collaboration with YouTube comedy duo Tripp and Tyler, features quick clips of business people saying overused phrases like “ping me” and “let’s talk offline,” which sound especially silly when taken out of context. It draws on a video format made popular in 2011 by the Web series Shit Girls Say.

5. KFC wants to help you troll your friends with faux vacation snaps:KFC is here with an amusing way to troll them back. In Romania, the chain released tray liners with pictures of common holiday destinations, like beaches and cities. Your job is to “pose” in front of to make it seem like you’re in some distant land, even though you’re eating fried food.

6. “Unleash Your Rrrr” With Volkswagen:Deutsch LA created the “Unleash Your Rrrr” site using “deep learning” artificial intelligence. Using your computer’s webcam and microphone, the site records you making engine noises. It then creates a customized video based on the sound of your voice, matching your engine noises with existing footage of the Golf R.

7. Dentyne Truck Follows Food: Dentyne gum and fresh breath is being promoted in the United States in a nationwide tour of the Dentyne Follow Food Truck. In a society seemingly saturated with food trucks, Dentyne’s fresh breath truck is both a cheerfully cheeky nod to foodie culture and a reminder that when great flavors come with bad breath repercussions, Dentyne has you covered.

8. Dunkin’ Donuts Is Using 7 Social Platforms to Sell Iced Coffee to Music-Loving Millennials:Dunkin’ Donuts wants to create cool musical buzz with millennials this summerto push its iced coffee products. So it’s playing with enough social-media platforms to outfit a marketing septet: Spotify, Snapchat, Instagram, YouTube, Twitter, Vine, Facebook and Periscope.

9. Libra I Am Fearless:Libra in Australia is running “I Am Fearless”, an integrated advertising campaign designed to help young women learn to deal with the things that are holding them back – their fears. iamfearless.com.au is a place young women can visit, to share their own stories, and to feel they are not alone as they face their fears, big or small. The campaign launched on Sunday night with a 30 sec TVC, several digital videos and an online platform housing exclusive content from all three ambassadors as well as real life stories from contributors from all walks of life.

10. Forever 21 Recreates Instagram Snaps via a Giant Thread Screen:Forever 21 has collaborated with Brooklyn-based agency Breakfast to build a thread screen that displays consumers’ Instagram images in real time. When you post a photograph with the hashtag #Forever21ThreadScreento Instagram, your image will show on a thread screen, an ad project created by agency Breakfast for Forever 21.

11. Ford Celebrated World Emoji Day By Tweeting Beautiful Images Made Out Of Emojis:To help celebrate the day, Blue Hive Italy, on behalf of Ford Italia, created three wonderfully creative images out of emojis and posted them to Twitter with the #WorldEmojiDay hashtag. Various emojis were gathered to render a dog, an old man with a cane, and a kid on a scooter.

12. Sling TV Launches Hilarious #TakeBackTV Video And Social Campaign:Alternative TV provider Sling TV has launched a new millennial-focused campaign, #TakeBackTV, which includes online video, social media and old-school TV spots. Central to the campaign are three ads which humorously poke fun at the old TV model. In these ads, cable companies (referred to as “Old TV”) are represented by kids playing school yard bullies, uttering the usual lines we’re all tired of hearing: “No, you can’t lower your bill, you signed a contract,” and, “There’s a rental fee for all of this!” There’s even a wrestling bout on the lawn with a “purple nurple” thrown in for good measure.

13. Origin don’t do things by halves:Origin Energy in Australia has launched an advertising campaign showing the ridiculousness of people doing everyday tasks by halves. The campaign’s characters include a half bearded man, a man half ironing a shirt, a woman with half straightened hair, and a father and son switching the footy match off at half time. All these situations are designed to highlight Origin’s offer to take half off power usage and supply charges for three monthsfor customers transferring to Origin. The integrated campaign will stretch across television, print, outdoor and digital.

14. Petco’s YouTube strategy is more than cute animal videos:For Petco’s new YouTube series, “Pet Code,” the pet store recruited a well-known duo: professional vlogger Toby Turner (who goes by Tobuscus on YouTube) and his popular dog Gryphon. Turner and his dog’s back-and-forth — the dog has a vaguely Scottish voice dubbed over him — about how to become a better pet owner is entertaining, even if you don’t own a pet.

15. Doritos and 8 Other Brands That Took Digital Bites Out of #Sharknado3 Buzz:Doritos may have been the most dedicated marketer for Syfy’s Sharknado 3 last night, pushing its brand via mobile-video ads before the telecast as well as with Twitter promos and TV spots during it.