15 global digital marketing campaigns that you should read this week

Global digital campaigns of last week - Meat and Livestock Australia “You never lamb alone”, Dixie deadzone diners, Maltesers Paralympics campaign, Virgin Holidays #SeizeTheHoliday, Desperados #BreakNormal, and more

Australian comedians tackle ‘new dad stress’ in Dadvice web series: Australian comedians and new dads are the stars of a new online web show that’s been created to help other new dads deal with some of the emotional stress of becoming a dad for the first time. The Dadvice series has been made by mental health charity Beyondblue.

You never lamb alone with Australian diversity: Meat and Livestock Australia (MLA) has launched its marketing push for spring lamb, tying together the tagline “You never lamb alone” with the quest for respectful cultural diversity in Australia. The ad addresses criticism that the lamb brand was associated with discrimination in the Australia Day 2016 commercial, Operation Boomerang.

Dixie has created ‘deadzone diners’ so people can talk instead of text during meals: To get people talking instead of texting, Dixie has rolled out a campaign featuring its ‘deadzone diners’ in the hopes of encouraging people to put down their phones once in a while so they can actually enjoy some real human interaction.

Loft joins Snapchat with a shopping strategy: Loft’s Snapchat strategy falls into the trend of retailers hoping to relate their Stories to their products, even they can’t be bought straight from the app. Users like Ann Taylor can’t link out, so shopping is not a particularly natural behavior for the platform

Maltesers preps great campaign for the Paralympics: Channel 4 in Britain recently made one of the greatest ads ever about disability with “We’re the Superhumans.” The winner now is a campaign for candy brand Maltesers, and the ads by AMV BBDO, feature disabled actors telling amusing stories of awkward everyday situations that involved their disability in some way.

Martini Made a ‘Smart Cube’ That Tells the Bartender When You Need Another Drink: Italian alcohol brand Martini has created the Smart Cube, a piece of connected “ice” that tips the server off, via Bluetooth, when your glass hits slurping point. The Smart Cubes are marketed as a way for waiters to bring you a full new drink without you ever having to leave your seat … or even ask.

Southwest Airlines brings back ‘Wanna Get Away’ campaign: Southwest Airlines jets back to the future in new work from GSD&M, revisiting its “Wanna Get Away” campaign, which flew off the radar almost a decade ago. GSD&M developed the concept for Southwest in 1998, and the tagline propelled a series of ads that presented folks seeking to escape from all manner of comically embarrassing situations.

Ted Baker and Google team up for interactive campaign: Ted Baker is moving into the digital age with a new autumn/winter push that includes the brand’s first ever shoppable film as well as the first-ever fashion retail application of the Google App’s voice search. Dubbed “Mission Impeccable,” the campaign, created by London agency Poke, is based on the theme of espionage, a nod to the retailer’s British, James Bond-esque feel.

How Netflix is growing the popularity of Narcos through smart social media marketing: The highly successful Netflix drama “Narcos” is emerging both as a unique example of social media marketing and the appeal of ‘global television’. It posted the series trailer to its page first as a way to build interest and spread awareness for the Narcos Facebook page among Netflix’s biggest fans.

Clinton Campaign busts out issue ads online, economy first: The Clinton campaign is busting out the issue ads online. The Hillary Victory Fund, the campaign’s joint fundraising group formed with the Democratic National Committee is now exploring a variety of issue-specific themes in its digital ads.

Desperados sprays graffiti on landmarks in vandalism-outlawed Singapore: Desperados seemingly took a risky tactic in a campaign in Singapore by spraying artwork across major landscapes, but all was not as it seemed as it used LED light projections to simulate graffiti. Sapinet Nitro took the brands tag line of #BreakNormal and turned it into an art hack by collaborating with local artists.

Dos Equis Introduces Its New ‘Most Interesting Man,’ and He Sure Is Different: Dos Equis on Wednesday introduced its new Most Interesting Man in the World—to replace Jonathan Goldsmith, who retired from the role earlier this year. And this MIM isn’t just a new face. He heralds a new approach to the ads, in what the brewer calls a “contemporary twist to the legendary character.” 

Virgin Holidays preps ambitious live advert to woo would-be long haul travellers: Virgin Holidays is hoping to widen its consumer net and tempt holidaymakers to book a long-haul trip via an ad that will be shot and live-streamed from 18 different locations around the world. The campaign includes digital out of home posters that will pull in consumers Instagram pictures uploaded with the #SeizeTheHoliday hashtag and social influencers who will live-stream adventurous experiences.

Starbucks stimulates customers, viewers with new film series ‘Upstanders’: Starbucks today unveiled its first-ever original content series called “Upstanders” that it hopes will “inspire Americans to engage in acts of compassion, citizenship and civility.” The coffee giant released ten stories “about ordinary people doing extraordinary things to create positive change in their communities.”

Popular pets spawn a cottage industry of animal influencer agencies: The rising demand for pet influencers among marketers has spawned a cottage industry of influencer agencies trying to cash in on the opportunity. These agencies either solely focus on pets or have pet divisions of their own, including The Dog Agency, Bark & Co.’s BarkPack, Clever, Speakr and SocialFly.