15 global digital marketing campaigns that you should read this week

Global digital campaigns of last week - Coca Cola's Taste The Magic, Esurance's ‘Don’t Catch and Drive', River Island's 'Snap and Share', L'Oreal's 'Truly Yours', Wendy's Baconator and more

Wendy’s Tells the Sad-Funny Stories of Unworthy Foods Banned From the Baconator: Burger chain Wendy’s ‘The Baconator’ promises no frozen beef, no microwaved bacon and no vegetables whatsoever and it’s conveying these messages with a trio of bizarre short stories with talking meat and veggies. In “Microwaves Are a Dealbreaker,” a cute, upwardly mobile fresh meat patty is trying to find “a meaningful connection with the right applewood smoked bacon.

KnowNo raises awareness about sexual consent: Creative directors at MARC USA in Chicago have launched an initiative ‘KnowNo’ to raise awareness around what “no” means as it relates to sexual consent. In the “KnowNo” video spot, several women and a man are lying in beds or on couches in public places, seemingly passed out next to a sign that says “If I can’t say no. I can’t say yes.”

‘Don’t Catch and Drive,’ Says Esurance and Its Fun Cast of Car-Crash Pokemon: Esurance and agency Leo Burnett imagined some new Pokemon characters for its “Don’t Catch and Drive” campaign, reminding motorists not to play the distracting smartphone game between the wheel. You can walk and catch, or drive and not catch, but driving and catching together can lead to disastrous results—like running into the unfortunately not-very-rare Fenderbendix.

L’Oreal celebrates diversity and targets men with new ‘Truly Yours’ positioning: L’Oreal has enlisted a string of influencers to front its latest campaign. The makeup giant’s new ‘Yours Truly’ spot, which centres around diversity, has seen it adopt a new brand strapline and also features the first man ever to star in a mass market cosmetics ad.

Kids dream up where puppies come from in heartbreaking puppy mill PSA: August 26 dubbed National Dog Day got the Humane Society to use the opportunity to remind people that puppy mills are still a huge problem in the US, and is asking people to sign a “puppy pledge” to help put a stop to the practice. In a campaign called ‘Don’t Buy Into Puppy Mills,’ kids are asked to explain where they believe puppies come from.

A Real Estate Brand Turned Kids’ Drawings of Their Dream Homes Into VR Experiences: When Swiss real estate website Homegate.ch asked kids to draw pictures of their dream houses, it wasn’t an empty gesture. The 3 most creative drawings were turned into vivid 3-D environments and then loaded into an Oculus Rift app. The kids were then invited to explore what they’d made. The video was made as branded content for Swiss newspaper 20 Minuten.

This Distressing PSA Captures the Horrors of Bullying in the Facebook Era: In “Betty B.,” a PSA written, directed, shot and edited by Matt Bieler, represented by Los Angeles-based Reset Content, a crisp young voice recounts her relationship with a girl from school. As she describes how Betty B. courted her trust, from saying hello to teaching her how to put lipstick on, we see flashes of the places and objects around which their friendship bloomed.

American Family Insurance enlists star athletes to tell heartwarming stories: BBDO New York and Elite Media are helping American Family Insurance tell heartwarming stories through three short films starring the company’s brand ambassadors. The films are running under the tagline “Every Dream Deserves a Champion” and are part of the insurance provider’s broader “Insure Carefully, Dream Fearlessly” campaign.

How one VR studio built a ‘Magic School Bus’ for Lockheed Martin: Framestore recently built a magic school bus for Lockheed Martin that could take children on a trip to Mars. The simulation has the kids driving around the streets of Washington, D.C. one minute and feeling like they are on the surface of Mars the next.

Bonds Think of Fathers in post natal times: Bonds in Australia is marking Fathers Day 2016 with an advertising campaign “Think of Fathers” recognising the endurance required of not only post natal mothers, but also post natal dads. A tongue in cheek film features a post natal support group for dads who reflect on the impact birth has had on their dad’s bods – cravings, getting up for a feed, changed body shape and increased weight.

Coca-Cola Debuts Its Magical New Packaging With Some Actual Magic: Coca-Cola’s grown tired of happiness, and is moving on to magic. In “Taste the Magic,” a new spot by agency David, a waiter approaches a table that’s ordered an unusual amount of Coca-Colas. (Really, nobody wanted anything else?) A woman tells him she didn’t order a regular Coke. No problem! Before her eyes, he transforms it into a Coca-Cola Zero.

An inside look at the social activations for TF1’s ‘Big Brother’ in France: On August 29, TF1 and NT1 brought back “Secret Story”, the French adaption of “Big Brother,” for a tenth season. To create buzz and get fans excited ahead of the season premiere, boxes of ‘#SecretCookies’ were sent out to fans, social influencers and media outlets. The fortune cookies contained real and fake secrets on the future housemates and encouraged recipients to discuss the truthfulness of the content.

Michelle Obama and Nick Offerman help America get healthy: An unlikely pairing of Michelle Obama and Nick Offerman finds the comic actor and the First Lady getting on the same page to push forward Obama’s “Let’s Move!” initiative through a hilarious “History of Exercise” video on Funny or Die.

River Island partners with Snapchat to launch first of its kind ‘Snap & Share’ campaign activated in-stores: River Island has partnered with Snapchat to create a number of bespoke branded filters that activate in-store, the first campaign of its kind for a fashion brand. The location-based ‘Snap & Share’ campaign will see users able to access a number of branded River Island filters while in stores in the UK and Republic of Ireland.

Virgin Active puts its staff centre stage in new campaign promoting array of expertise: Virgin Active is marketing the range of staff expertise it has to offer in a new campaign aimed at highlighting the pivotal role they can play in helping people achieve their goals. ‘We’ve got a Squad for that’ campaign shows a line-up of real life staff, from fitness coaches to receptionists and yoga instructors, and promotes the idea that they can make customers feel “unstoppable”.