15 Funniest Tweets On When Vishal Dadlani Blocked Trolls On Twitter

The funniest 15 tweets on why Vishal Dadlani prefers to block people (ass**** as per him) on Twitter

Twitter spares no one, today it is Vishal Dadlani’s day. The Bollywood music director and AAP party supporter is trending right now on Twitter; he is the butt of jokes for his behavior of blocking people or ass****s as he describes in his tweet.

Vishal is known for his outspoken nature and has made a point to raise issues and problems with the ruling BJP party. Yesterday after news broke that the Maharashtra government has finally succeeded in banning beef (#BeefBan), Vishal has been quite busy pointing out flaws in the law.

Once again these attacks by him hasn’t gone down well with the BJP or right-wing supporters. This isn’t the first time that Vishal had issues with trolls due to difference of opinion. But this time his jibe on blocking trolls has backfired.

Right now Twitter feeds are being populated with funny jokes on Dadlani’s blocking. While it is funny to read them, let’s see how Vishal takes it up.

Meanwhile enjoy the funniest tweets on his Twitter ‘blocking’:

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