23rd January is a special day for Indians. The country celebrates this day as the birthday of Indian freedom fighter Subhas Chandra Bose who gave his entire life to free the country from the British. Subhas, often referred as Netaji, was born on 23 January 2022 in Cuttack. The born hero had planned to get rid India of the British rule during World War II with the help of Nazi Germany and Japan. However his dream to unite India under his leadership couldn’t see the light of day, but, he has been hailed as a patriot and finds a distinct space in the struggle for Indian Independence.

Today the nation is celebrating his 118th birth anniversary, as a result of which the keyword ‘Subhas Chandra Bose’ had been trending on Twitter since the early part of the day. While the trend was short lived, Twitter saw users wishing the great leader and sharing their sentiments on his love for the country. Twitter also became a source of some rare pictures of the legend, that have been curated below.

Do have a look at the 14 rare images of the true patriot sourced from Twitter; also our small tribute to the great leader, Netaji!

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Prasant Naidu

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