14 Major Updates From Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, LinkedIn, & Snapchat

Major social network news of the week - Twitter’s woes continue on Q1 sales of $595M, YouTube 6 second ‘Bumper ads’, Facebook’s mobile ad revenue $4.26 billion, and more

Facebook Q1 2016 revenues

1. LinkedIn’s sponsored content pivot helps ad revenue hit $154.1 million: LinkedIn’s ad business — which the business-centric social networks calls Marketing Solutions because jargon — hit $154.1 million in revenue for the first quarter of 2016. That’s a 29% increase year-over-year.

2. Snapchat confirms that 10 billion videos are being watched daily: Still on the fence about Snapchat? The company confirmed to Bloomberg that it is a force to be reckoned with, as users are watching 10 billion videos a day.

3. Twitter aims to boost its visibility by switching from ‘Social Networking’ to ‘News’ on the App Store: Following yet another quarter of sluggish user growth, Twitter has changed how its flagship mobile application is categorized on Apple’s iTunes App Store. Instead of competing against Facebook, Instagram, Messenger, WhatsApp, Pinterest, and others in the crowded “Social networking” category, where Twitter had previously ranked in the top 10, the company has moved its app to the “News” category, where it’s now #1.

4. AdSense mobile Page-level ads now available to all publishers: Google has rolled out two new ad types for mobile AdSense publishers. Grouped under what Google calls Page-level ads, Anchor and Vignette ads are now available to all publishers.

5. Facebook’s mobile ad revenue grew by 76% to $4.26 billion in Q1 2016: Facebook mobile ad revenue rocketed at an even steeper clip, increasing by 76% year-over-year to hit $4.26 billion and account for 82% of the period’s ad revenue.

6. Users average 50 minutes per day on Facebook, Messenger and Instagram: Today on the Q1 2016 earnings call, Mark Zuckerberg said, “Today, people around the world spend on average more than 50 minutes a day using Facebook, Instagram and Messenger…and that doesn’t count WhatsApp.” That’s amongst people who use any of those apps globally, Facebook clarified for me.

7. Instagram is testing a new black-and-white design: Of all the major social platforms, Instagram has evolved the slowest. (Insiders might say “the most thoughtfully.”) Long after the rest of the world has moved away from skeuomorphism, Instagram continues to use a realistic camera as its icon. But there are signs that the app is modernizing: new screenshots show Instagram moving away from its blue-and-orange aesthetic into plain old black and white.

8. Twitter says its ‘enhanced timeline’ is working: About 2% of users opt out: Despite the momentary backlash, Twitter says its recent timeline algorithm changes have boosted “Tweets, Retweets, replies, and likes” on the service, and hardly anyone’s opted out — “less than 2 percent” of users, said CEO Jack Dorsey.

9. Twitter video proves more lucrative than Facebook for some publishers: There is one area where some top publishers and premium media companies say Twitter is beating Facebook:Video revenue sharing. To be sure, Facebook promises jaw-dropping audiences. But despite Twitter’s smaller reach it has an easy solution for them to make money by splitting pre-roll video ad revenue.

10. YouTube updates mobile home page layout & recommended video feature: YouTube is rolling out a newly designed mobile home page for Android and iPhone users and has updated its recommended videos system. According to the announcement, recommended videos are now based on Google’s “neural network technology,” which finds patterns and improves upon itself as it analyzes new data.

11. YouTube to offer unskippable, 6 second ‘Bumper ads’ to reflect the success of shortform video:YouTube has introduced a new six-second ad format on the basis that “snackable videos” of such a duration perform well on the site. Google announced the changes on its AdWords blog claiming that the Bumper ads are best suited to serialised content. Sitting at the same length as a Vine, they will offer an alternative to the 30-second skippable slots that pre-roll much of the site’s content.

12. Twitter’s woes continue on Q1 sales of $595M, a sluggish 310M MAUs and weak guidance: Twitter reported its Q1 earnings today, and they’re not great. On the back of 310 monthly active users, the company posted revenues of $595 million, with Q1 GAAP diluted earnings per share of ($0.12) and non-GAAP diluted EPS of $0.15. This is a big miss on revenues but a beat on EPS.

13. Facebook developing standalone camera app with live-streaming capabilities: Facebook’s obsession with live-streaming keeps on escalating — a report Monday says the social network is developing a standalone app that puts live-streaming at the center of users’ devices.