14 Major Updates By Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest From This Week

14 major updates from Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Google from this week that marketers need to know.


1. Facebook Tweaks News Feed To Account For Time Spent On Stories: File this Facebook News Feed change into the obvious folder. Facebook announced today that it will start including time spent on stories as a ranking factor for what it shows people visiting the social network.

2. Facebook Moments auto-tags your friends, so it’s easier to share pictures:Moments scans your camera roll for familiar faces, and helps you share photos with the people in the picture. The social network is already using facial recognition technology to make tag suggestions on Facebook, but Moments takes it to the next level. If your friends use the app, they will see all of the photos they were tagged in.

3. Facebook Gives Top Creative Awards To Ice Bucket Challenge, Always’ “Like a Girl” Campaigns:Facebook announced its fourth annual creative awards today, giving top honors to two campaigns that didn’t seem like advertising. The ALS Ice Bucket Challenge and the Always “Like a Girl” campaign each received Facebook’s highest creative honor, the Blue Award.

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4. Facebook Pages Can Now Show How Quickly They Respond To Customers’ Messages:Facebook has been working to improve customer service-focused features for Page administrators for some time, most recently with the introduction of “Saved Replies,” a feature that allows Page admins to quickly respond to incoming inquires with canned (pre-written) replies. Now, admins will be able to tout just how fast they do answer their customers’ questions, as a number of Facebook admins report seeing a “response rate” feature.

5. Facebook Test Gives People More Control Over What Appears In News Feed:Facebook continues to experiment with adding more of a human touch to the News Feed. The company is testing a feature that enables people to make sure posts from certain people and Pages show up at the top of their News Feeds.

6. Facebook Rolling Out Significant Upgrades To Ads Manager & Power Editor:Facebook Advertisers will soon see major enhancements within their ad interfaces. Big improvements are coming that will increase the congruity of ad creation and editing with data and metrics as well as the usability and searchability within an account. Both Ads Manager and Power Editor tools will be given upgrades.

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7. Twitter will allow you to follow events instead of people for breaking news:In an anecdotal sense, when it comes to following the news on Twitter, the site isn’t exactly spotless. It can prove daunting to keep hashtags in your head, and even then, following people who deliver news for a living can be a mess in and of itself. Twitter hopes to fix these maladies by announcing a real-time news feed.

8. Twitter Tests A Richer Location Specific Search Page: The allure of Twitter has always been collaborative real-time info delivered instantly. A new feature that was spotted in the wild adds a geographic “place” layer to the mix – pooling top tweets, photos and videos from a specific location.

9. Twitter Tests App Install Ads On News And Other Profile Pages:While Apple is rethinking how it aggregates, filters and presents news to iPhone and iPad users, Twitter is also sharpening its focus on news media, while also honing the kinds of ads it presents to its users. We have found that the social network is currently running a new kind of app install ad on the mobile versions of profile pages for select news sites, a card that gives users the ability to install the sites’ apps.

10. Twitter Introduces Autoplay Video; Will Only Charge For Ads 100% In View For 3 Seconds:Taking dead aim at the lucrative market for video advertising, Twitter announced today that it will start serving autoplay video to its users.

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11. Pinterest Streamlines & Simplifies Its Search Interface: The new search combines the former segmented “Pins, Pinners & Boards” tabs and combines into a uniform listing. Users will now see the inputted pin with pin suggestions, Pinners and Boards – each with the ability to dive deeper.

12. Pinterest Reveals the Marketing Partners That Will Get First Dibs on Its Ads Key step toward what could be ‘unreal’ sales: Pinterest today announced eight ad-tech partnersthat can help brands and agencies buy Promoted Pins on the site. Part of the San Francisco-based social media company’s marketing developers program, they include 4C, Adaptly, Ampush, Brand Networks, HYFN, Kinetic Social, SocialFlow and SocialCode. These vendors will build services that make it easier to plan paid and free posts on Pinterest.

13. Google Links Mobile Ads to Desktop Purchases and Vice Versa:Now Google is adding the more traditional ads it serves on others’ sites and mobile apps to the mix. That means advertisers will get a better idea of whether the banner ads they’re buying all over the desktop and mobile web led to a product purchase or some other conversion, even if that conversion happened on a different device from the one on which the person saw the ad.

14. YouTube breaks the news with Newswire, a channel for verified eyewitness videos:YouTube has partnered with Storyful, a social news agency, to launch YouTube Newswire, which is a YouTube channel that will show a curated feed of the most significant eyewitness videos of the day from around the world. Read more here.