1. How Ecommerce Branding In India Is Beginning To Focus On Relationships And Real Values: Ecommerce advertising has evolved over the years, from heavy discounts brands are now pushing to build emotional bonds with their consumers. Read more here.

2. [Expert Opinion] The Good And Bad Of Big Digital Agencies Outsourcing To Small Ones: Outsourcing in digital agencies is a common practice among large and small players. But is the smaller agency a scapegoat in such deals, we find out by talking to industry experts. Read more here.

3. Should Content Creators Be Worried With YouTube’s Latest Ad Policy Guidelines: The latest policy change in ad guidelines by YouTube has irked content creators and MCNs. How bad is the move and will this benefit YouTube’s competitors. Read more here.

4. The 6 Best Women’s Day Videos Created By Indian Brands: Read more here.

5. 8 Global Digital Marketing Campaigns That You Should Read About: Read more here.

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