14 Global Digital Marketing Campaigns That You Should Read This Week

Global digital campaigns of the week - #HouseGoals Instagram, McWhopper for Peace Day, Hulu In The Know, and more

1. McWhopper for Peace Day: Burger King’s McWhopper campaign, an experiment in peace making, has been awarded the Grand Prize for Avant Garde at the New York Festivals International Advertising Awards, and Yellow Pencils at the D&AD Awards.

2. Budweiser Delivers Basketball Fans the First NBA Virtual Reality Experience: Budweiser is playing the virtual reality game, literally, by sponsoring a VR experience with the NBA’s Cleveland Cavaliers. The Cavs are the first NBA team to build VR technology into their official app, and Budweiser is giving away cardboard VR headsets at tonight’s NBA playoff game in Cleveland, through which fans can view basketball-themed footage. The cardboard headset also doubles as a handy beer carrying case. WME | IMG, AB InBev’s U.S. sports marketing agency of record, came up with the VR concept and designed and built the viewer.

3. #HouseGoals: Housing-obsessed UK has a perky real-estate Instagram: It doesn’t take long for a conversation in London to end up at real estate. Soaring housing costs make property the go-to topic for the city and beyond. It’s no surprise then that there’s a burgeoning new outlet: Instagram. Former Vogue content manager Emma Geary a year ago started @MewsingsLdn, devoted to images of “mews” (rows of houses) from London, with a few sprinkled in from Brighton and Edinburgh. Property porn at its finest.

4. Getty Images Endless Possibilities: Getty Images has launched its new global campaign “Millions of Images. Endless Possibilities” (Milhões de imagens. Infinitas possibilidades). Created by Brazilian agency AlmapBBDO, the campaign seeks to show the depth of Getty Images’ extensive collection of millions of images, and how through imagery, any idea can come to life.

5. How The Sun’s fantasy football site uses Facebook Live: Dream Team, The Sun’s fantasy football site, pumps out a year-round mix of video and editorial around football, fan culture and grassroots teams. Over the past few weeks, it has added a new move to its arsenal: Facebook Live video.

6. How Time reversed 10 years of revenue declines: Time magazine may have its iconic red border and proud journalistic history, but as a newsweekly magazine, it’s swimming against the tide of history (see: Newsweek, U.S. News & World Report). For much of its recent history, revenue has been declining at the Time Inc. namesake title. So when print revenue grew 4 percent last year and digital 36 percent, it was a cause for some celebration.

7. Girls Explain How Boobs, Menstruation and More Keep Them From Coding in Satirical Campaign: For its latest campaign, the nonprofit advocacy group Girls Who Code tackles this issue with satirical, delightfully deadpan humor. The new work, from McCann in New York, features young girls sardonically explaining how their boobs, their periods, their long eyelashes and more get in the way of their coding.

8. Inside The Washington Post’s internal agency and its growing ambitions: The Washington Post’s branded content team is starting to feel the impact of the newspaper’s rise to digital prominence over the past year. The WP BrandStudio said it has doubled the number of advertisers that are running sponsored content campaigns in the past 12 months, and that it is landing more national clients including Dell, GE, JP Morgan Chase, Siemens, UPS, Lockheed, Audi and FX “The Americans.”

9. Church fires and science experiments: How Mic is using Facebook Live: Facebook’s embrace of live video has compelled many publishers to embrace the format, experimenting with various approaches and shooting styles to see what sticks on the platform. Mic, which did 150 million total video views on Facebook in March, is no different.

10. SPCA Tarot Cards – Voice for a Future: Each year, hundreds of animals are abandoned at the Geneva SPCA. Staff there believe that even if these animals have a past, they also have a future. So they asked people who have adopted at the shelter to send them pictures with their pets. Three of them have embodied the voice of the Geneva SPCA in their 2015 campaign based on tarot cards.

11. Hulu In The Know: Hulu has launched “In The Know”, an advertising campaign shining a light on all-too-human behaviour in social situations: standing awkwardly as talk turns to a popular TV show or movie we haven’t seen. Own up? Or attempt to seem “in the know”? Hulu is that friend who can help keep us honest… when it comes to TV.

12. Truth Detector Radio: 89FM, one of Brazil’s leading radio stations, has developed Truth Detector Radio (Detector de Verdades), an innovative new approach to one of the world’s oldest forms of electronic media. This innovation accompanies the release of a new interview format with proprietary dynamics and content: “Truth Detector,” a Radio Talk show in which listeners can see on their radio dial if the person being interviewed is lying or telling the truth.

13. MTV’s First Snapchat Series Dishes Out Sex Education in 10 Seconds or Less: On Saturday, MTV will launch Pants Off, an eight-week series that explores sex and relationships. The series will takeover MTV’s Discover channel every Saturday for the next two months and each weekly edition will include 12 to 14 articles, videos and images.

14. Inside Heineken’s Facebook Live plan: ‘It’s not just about scale.’: Many brands are experimenting with Facebook Live because it has the potential to reach a huge audiences. But for Heineken, Facebook Live is not just about scale — the beer brand plans to use it more often as a community-management platform.