14 global digital marketing campaigns that you should read this week

Global campaigns of the week - Tina Fey congratulates millennials, Business Insider attracted 230,000 Line followers, Odyssey helps Victoria’s Secret for millennials, and more

Tina Fey congratulates millennials for grown-up firsts in AmEx’s latest campaign: Did you recently throw your first-ever dinner party? Don’t be surprised if Tina Fey congratulates you on Facebook or Instagram for the achievement. The actress and comedian is the face of American Express’ humorous new social campaign “Everyday Congrats,” aimed at older millennials facing important life milestones, like getting a promotion or moving in with a significant other for the first time.

How Odyssey helped Victoria’s Secret are rethink branded content for millennials: The narrative is familiar. Brands are becoming publishers and publishers are scrambling to serve brands, but on a web that’s increasingly personalized it takes more than a publisher’s megaphone for brands to reach an audience. Social media platform Odyssey has built a network of influential creators to bridge the gap.

Brands turn to WeChat influencers to reach Chinese consumers: If advertisers in the U.S. are unclear on how much to pay social media influencers, the landscape is even murkier in China, especially on the popular messaging app WeChat. WeChat has more than 762 million monthly active users, but the closed network is a hard nut to crack for many marketers. So influencers, called “key opinion leaders” over there, are a shortcut for brands to build a personal connection with their audience on a platform that fans trust.

Second Life Toys – Transplants for Children: Second Life Toys, a Japanese campaign raising awareness of the need for transplants for children, has won Gold at the Clio Awards. Working with Japanese organ transplant group Green Ribbon Campaign, Dentsu creatives developed “Second Life Toys”, an online project and design campaign featuring soft toys brought back to full functionality through the donation of limbs from donated toys.

Why Vox Media Is Embracing New Platforms Like VR and 360 Video: Following his keynote panel with Publicis Media CEO Steve King Thursday morning at the Dmexco ad tech and marketing conference in Cologne, Germany, Jim Bankoff, chairman and CEO, Vox Media, sat down with Adweek to discuss some of the key themes driving Vox Media’s vision for the future and its growth.

How Business Insider attracted 230,000 Line followers in two weeks: Business Insider landed on Japanese messaging app Line two weeks ago. Since then, it has grown its following to nearly 230,000, amassing 35,000 followers in the first 24 hours.

The Sun’s Facebook chatbot drove nearly half users back to its site: The Sun has been dabbling with chatbots for its football coverage with some success lately. Now, the publisher will take what it has learned to roll out more bots across other verticals, including entertainment, in the coming weeks.

I am that girl with Alessia Cara: Non-profit organization I AM THAT GIRL joins forces with 20-year old EP Entertainment/Def Jam Recordings global sensation Alessia Cara to create the “I AM YOU” empowerment campaign. The powerful message of Alessia’s new single “Scars To Your Beautiful” is the lynchpin behind her alliance with I AM THAT GIRL, the national movement that has been inspiring girls for the past six years to love, express, and be who they are through a global peer-to-peer community committed to creating a new norm for girl culture by raising the standard of how girls treat themselves.

Amnesty End Inhumanity Barb Wire: Amnesty’s “End Inhumanity” print advertising campaign, featuring barb wire and the iconic Amnesty candle, has won gold at the Clio Awards, following on from the Gold Print Craft Lion at Cannes. Four illustrations show prisoners bound, gagged, surrounded and pushed down by barb wire, with the Amnesty candle representing an end to the inhumanity.

4 fashion brands that are getting creative with shoppable video: More recently, brands have been stepping up their shoppable content as the technology has become more sophisticated and the companies behind it more moneyed. There’s even interest from platforms too.

How The Daily Beast gets 40 percent of readers to visit its homepage: Digital publishers hoping to move their readers from social and search channels onto their own websites would do well to take a look at what The Daily Beast has been up to.

UK publishers are mixed on performance of Facebook Instant Articles: While still early, publishers are starting to gauge how beneficial posting fast-loading content directly to Facebook via Instant Articles can be to them, both in terms of traffic performance and revenue. Views in the U.K. are mixed.

Mainland New Tricks for Romance: Mainland, the New Zealand cheese brand, has introduced a new commercial, “New Tricks”, applying the “good things take time” motto to romantic relationships. The Mainland New Tricks commercial is continuous with years of heritage advertising focused on the idea that Mainland isn’t just a place, it’s a philosophy that good things take time.

Mythic Bridge Change The Script: This post is timed to coincide with Worldwide Suicide Prevention Day. Mythic Bridge, a non-profit using film-making to enable at-risk youth to actualise their potential, is running “Change The Script”, a PSA film and online awareness campaign. At the heart of the Mythic Bridge Change The Script campaign is a commercial showing what at first appears to be a young gay man preparing to jump from a city rooftop.