14 global digital marketing campaigns that you should read this week

Global digital campaigns - Advertisers can now buy ads across the Guardian’s properties, Nike Celebrates the ‘Iron Nun’, 2016 Rio Olympics “Gold in US”, and more

The Guardian starts selling time-based ad campaigns: The Guardian is running its first digital ad campaign based on the amount of time people see the ads. Advertisers can now buy ads across the Guardian’s properties in guaranteed time slots of 10-, 15-, 20- or 30-second fragments, 100 percent in view. The Economist is the first client to buy the Guardian’s ads in this way and will be running a campaign until September.

How The Sun’s fantasy football site plans to make money on platforms: The Sun’s fantasy football site, Dream Team, is aware that the route to monetizing social video is rocky.

World’s Biggest Asshole for Donate Life: Donate Life America, an organ donation advocacy charity in the USA, is encouraging millennial men to become organ donors through “The World’s Biggest Asshole”, a humorous commercial starring obnoxious character Coleman F Sweeney. This low-life guy makes a point of looking out for himself and abusing others, acting in ways that ruin the lives around him. He gives small kids cigarettes, steals laundry and is mean to animals, children and people with disabilities.

Nosulus Rift VR Smells at South Park: Ubisoft has worked with Buzzman and Productman to launch Nosulus Rift, a smell-based virtual reality mask designed to promote South Park: The Fractured But Whole game. The game’s hero has a very particular and smelly superpower, his fart smell, that allows him to travel in time and fight his enemies. The player uses the mask to experience subtle smells allowing him or her then to truly incarnate the hero and live an original experience. The Nosulus Rift campaign, online at nosulusrift.com, includes a web movie and set of 3 interviews with the producer of the game, the nose and the designer.

Katy Perry Rise Olympics Anthem: Katy Perry’s music video for “Rise”, her new single, is serving as the official anthem for NBC coverage of the 2016 Rio Olympics. Filmed in Utah, the Katy Perry Rise music video shows the performer struggling with a pink parachute, at first in an abandoned warehouse, then in the open spaces of Snow Canyon State Park and Sand Hollow State Park.

MTV launches Instagram for the VMAs to bring its history to life: To get viewers excited for the awards show, MTV finally launched an official VMAs Instagram account on August 8th, which includes a special treat for fans. As there have been many scandals and memorable moments in the show’s 31-year-long history, the account is an impressive mosaic depicting the VMAs history in pictures, quotes and text.

Dove Girls Searching: Dove is running a new self-esteem advertising campaign focused on the online searches of teenage girls. Developed for the Australian market, the campaign includes two television commercials highlighting online search questions, ranging from how to kiss a boy to can teens can get cosmetic surgery. It then asks parents a simple but significant question, ‘what is your daughter searching for?”.

Dick’s Sporting Goods Gold in US: Dick’s Sporting Goods, sponsor of TEAM USA at the 2016 Rio Olympics, is airing “Gold in US”, a commercial showing athletes everywhere that we all have gold inside of us. Scenes of athletes in training are shown alongside powerful nature scenes. A voiceover makes the point that gold, the most coveted element of the games, is actually a part of every human body, with everyone containing 0.2 milligrams of gold.

Pokemon Go Missing People Near Here: Missing People, a charity in the UK, is using the current Pokémon GO craze to raise awareness for the real high-risk missing people who desperately need to be found and made safe. Vinyl posters of missing people borrow the look and feel of Pokemon balls to target gamers in the area the at risk individual was last spotted. They ask anyone with information to call the charity’s free, 24/7 and confidential helpline 116 000.

Nike Celebrates the ‘Iron Nun’, an 86-Year-Old Triathlete With God on Her Side: The 86-year-old nun is a record-breaking Ironman triathlete and star of the newest spot in Nike’s “Unlimited” campaign, created by Wieden + Kennedy Portland and running throughout the Olympics.

Inside Fatherly’s very grown-up viral video strategy: The millennial dad-focused website Fatherly has been on Facebook barely more than a year, but it’s already using it in a very grown-up way. Thanks to a quickly, finely honed Facebook video strategy that’s earned Fatherly more than 250 million views in under a year, the site is now using its viral videos to grow not just its presence on the social network, but its email subscriber base, giving Fatherly a powerful return on investment in a platform that many publishers are worried they’re spending too much time and energy on.

Ray-Ban Oh Jerome No: “Oh Jerome, no!” The eponymous phrase refers to Jerome (Mamoudou Athie, The Get Down), the protagonist in the latest short film from Ray-Ban and Yours Truly. Oh Jerome No, the third short for Ray-Ban as part of their #ITTAKESCOURAGE campaign, explores the story of Jerome, a bachelor with all the luck in his court: mystery, sociability, and sensitivity.

How Sky News distributes video on Facebook, Instagram and Snapchat: The Sky News mantra is that it’s the home for breaking news, and on social media that’s no different. Its video views have gone from 94 million a month in May to 148 million in July across platforms, according to Tubular Labs. The broadcaster was the first to film a Facebook live video several hours after the attack in Nice last month, with foreign affairs editor Sam Kiley answering questions from the audience.

Denny’s Facebook Live gambit: an animated talking pancake: Denny’s is coming to Facebook Live to answer the question none of us were asking: What would a pancake say if it could talk? For its Facebook Live debut tomorrow, Denny’s will combine animation and voice synthesizing software to bring a pancake to life. The anthropomorphic pancake will respond to comments as they trickle in. The live stream is a follow-up to its popular animated web series called “The Grand Slams,” which features animated versions of popular menu items and has garnered over 62 million views since its launch in 2014.