14 global digital marketing campaigns that you should read this week

Global campaigns from last week - Citi’s ‘Stand for Progress’ Olympics push, how BBC Three is using social platforms, Samsung Olympics Anthem, Bauer radio station Kiss FM is using Snapchat, and more

Stride Mad Intense Gum with Mouth: Stride Gum has released a new advertising campaign featuring an intense, irreverent and crucially-interactive Mouth character. The Stride Mad Intense Gum commercials feature The Mouth, a wild, outspoken, purple-hued character spreading the word about the Mad Intense, crunchy new selection of Stride Gum.

Nestle Waters launches a digital command center to collect data and market faster: Nestlé Waters has built a full-time digital lab, stationed in Salesforce’s New York offices. With the lab, Nestlé joins an expanding list of companies that have already set up their own internal digital centers, from Mastercard to Marriott.

Everyone Speaks Food at Small World: Small World, Google Translate’s free pop up restaurant in New York, features in #EveryoneSpeaksFood, a short film highlighting tasty dishes inspired by dozens of global cultures, artfully prepared by a cadre of 18 acclaimed chefs. The film piques interest in a pop up café featuring menus in multiple languages (necessitating diner’s use of Google Translate), and meals incorporating dishes from cuisines as far flung as Israel, Korea, Italy, Sweden and Ireland. Everyone speaks food.

How Bauer radio station Kiss FM is using Snapchat: For media companies that haven’t landed a spot on Snapchat Discover, building up an organic presence is a steeper road. For Bauer Media’s youth-focussed urban radio station Kiss, that’s meant playing up unscripted moments and less polished fare.

This Yogurt Brand Found a Clever Workaround to Get in Front of Pokemon Go Players: On Wednesday, the yogurt brand and mobile advertising company Aki Technologies will kick off a four-week campaign targeting 10,000 Pokestops—the virtual landmarks where players collect characters and points—in popular apps consumers often use in conjunction with Pokemon Go, like weather or messaging apps.

How GQ reversed declining homepage traffic: The homepage is not dead. Publishers are discovering anew the wonders of owning direct traffic. At GQ, the homepage is a priority, with homepage traffic up by 20 percent in the past six months.

Inside Citi’s ‘Stand for Progress’ Olympics push: With the Rio Olympics around the corner, big brands like Citi are gearing up their marketing blitzes. Citi changed its sponsorship messaging from “every step of the way” to “stand for progress” in order to inspire people to “set goals alongside America’s elite athletes.”

Esso Journeys That Matter – Sophie: Esso, the Exon fuel brand, has launched “Sophie”, a moving commercial at the centre of a major European brand campaign, “Journeys That Matter”. The new film follows Sophie’s journey as she travels through Europe to revisit an old flame. Along the way Sophie deals with a flat tire, a tree across the road and snow storms, picking up hitchhikers and hanging out with truckers, trying out an arcade video game. Finally she reaches her destination to find the man she’s been missing for 43 years. The film broke online and on video-on-demand in the UK on 19th July and will also run in Belgium, Netherlands and Luxembourg.

How Art404 turned Instagram into a massive, pop culture mural: From a Netflix and chill-themed Airbnb pad to a Lana Del Rey song-title generator, Art404 puts out projects that are topical, powerful, and often hilarious. The New York-based startup (“artup”?) consists of four full-time members and a few outside collaborators who code, design, perform, and draw across various media. Micah Milner is the group’s graphic designer, responsible for the stunning @micahnotfound Instagram account.

Samsung Olympics Anthem: Samsung has launched “The Anthem”, an inspiring Rio Olympics commercial combining segments of national anthems from several countries to form one anthem brought to life by athletes and fans across the globe. The Samsung Olympics Anthem opens with a young girl from Australia singing a line of “Fatshe leno la rona”, the Botswana national anthem, into a Samsung Galaxy S7edge. Throughout the ad, the Samsung Galaxy smartphone travels to all corners of the world, capturing and sharing the voices of fans and athletes around the globe as they sing lines from other national anthems.

Air New Zealand Safety in Hollywood: Air New Zealand’s latest in-flight safety video, Safety in Hollywood, stars Anna Faris (Christy Plunkett in Mom) and Rhys Darby (Murray Hewitt in Flight of the Conchords). The five-minute Air New Zealand Safety in Hollywood film is set in multiple iconic Hollywood film locations at Warner Brothers Studios, including those used in Jurassic Park, Casablanca, War of the Worlds and True Blood. Rhys presents Anna with a script featuring Anna, himself, two Air New Zealand flight attendants, and over 20 extras, including Chester the Chihuahua, who has appeared in Transformers and Grey’s Anatomy.

New Digital Campaign for TGI Fridays Builds Off of Hamilton’s Success: Now, TGI Fridays is aiming to latch on to some of the buzz around Broadway’s hit Hamilton with a series of spots that are part of its “largest digital and social push.” The campaign—created by Made Movement—features Alexander Hamilton, who has not only been part of the Hamilton craze, but has also been in the news for the decision to keep his image on the front of $10 bill (alongside women suffrage leaders on the backside of bills).

How BBC Three is using social platforms: In February, the BBC saved £30 million ($40 million) by taking its youth-focused TV channel BBC Three off the air and making it online-only. In the process, though, it has had to rethink its approach to social media: Previously, the lion’s share of social content was created to drive buzz in the build-up to the main TV shows on the fixed linear TV schedule. Now, long-form shows run on its own websites, and BBC iPlayer, while short-form runs on its own platforms, as well as all social channels.

Marriott brings its social media war room to Europe: The once-ubiquitous social media “war rooms” that sprung up around big events like the Super Bowl are becoming a thing of the past. Instead, brands are now battling to make sense of real-time data on a daily basis — not just the big occasions. Last week, Marriott brought its fight to Europe.