1. Twitter Supports Deepika Padukone In Her Fight With TOI Entertainment #IStandWtihDeepikaPadukone: Following an offensive picture of Deepika Padukone posted by TOI, the actress took to Twitter to slam the newspaper for resorting to ‘sensational’ journalism. Read more here.

2. Deepika Padukone Settles TOI Cleavage Controversy In This Facebook Post: Deepika Padukone has shared a Facebook post in which she explains her point of view on women empowerment and the need of attitude shift towards women in media. Read more here.

3. What You Should Know About The Shraddha Sharma-Culture Machine Court Case: Culture Machine has filed a case against YouTube India star Shraddha Sharma for breach of contract. The article looks at the case and who is at fault in the relationship gone wrong. Read more here.

4. How OgilvyOne Is Helping Philips To Build A Market For Its Airfryer In An Innovative Way: Case study to understand how OgilvyOne is helping Philips build awareness and a market for the Philips air fryer, using a combination of innovative branded content strategy with YouTube celebrity chef, a website, social media and paid media. Read more here.

5. Sandip Maiti On Growing Up In Kolkata, Working On Control Systems And Shift To The Media Business [Video]: Sandip Maiti, Founder at Experience Commerce talks about growing up in Kolkata, working on control systems and his shift to the media business. Read more here.

6. Why Opera Coast Surprised These Creative Folks With Kinetic Sand: As part of a marketing stunt for Opera Coast, 50 creative professionals who used iOS, were sent surprise packages of kinetic sand to help bring out the playfulness and spontaneity of the new browser. Read more here.

7. This Hyderabad Based Startup Is Currently On A Mission To Build The Amazon Of Social Learning: Interview with Raju Vanapala, Founder at LearnSocial who talks about his ecommerce learning social product and how it is bringing the offline experience online. Read more here.

8. The Glitch Story - From A Digital Production House To A Digital Agency [Video]: Rohit Raj, Co-Founder at The Glitch talks about how he and his co-founder Varun Duggirala ended up forming the digital agency. Read more here.

9. Maggi Oats Noodles Pushing Hard To Make #HealthIsEnjoyable: Maggi Oats noodles’ new TVC crosses 1.5M views, we look at the instant noodle brand’s social media activities to promote that health is enjoyable. Read more here.

10. When Allen Solly Said Sorry On Twitter: Allen Solly said sorry on Twitter with a brilliant dash of humour, when an influencer tweeted a typo on a store display in Bangalore, here we look at the tweet engagement rate and branding. Read more here.

11. Himani Kapadia On Content And Social Media Influencer Marketing [Video]: Himani Kapadia, MD at Digitas LBi India talks about content and social media influencer marketing. She also talks about Do The Rex, one of the best pieces of digital work from Digitas in the first half of 2014. Read more here.

12. This Mumbai Based Startup Helps eCommerce Companies Create Mobile Apps: Review of B2B Android App Apptuse which is building mobile apps for eCommerce companies. Read more here.

13. How Mumbai’s Biggest Startup Problem Brought Rickshaw And Flying Cursor Together [Video]: In this video conversation Shormistha and Parag talk about their individual ventures and how Rickshaw And Flying Cursor joined hands in 2012. Read more here.