13 Major Updates From Facebook, Twitter, Google, Pinterest, LinkedIn, & Snapchat

Social network news - LinkedIn resets passwords on millions, Pinterest’s first ever TV ad, Facebook launches interactive map for Live Video, Allo Google's messaging app, and more

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1. Twitter, like Facebook, adds old-school elements to its mobile ad network: Apparently it’s “Back to the Future” week for social networks’ ad networks. A few days after Facebook announced it would begin to bring its Audience Network to the desktop web for the first time — albeit only for traditional in-stream video ads at the moment — Twitter is bringing its Twitter Audience Platform to the desktop and mobile web, albeit only for some advertisers, at the moment.

2. Google will build its own Daydream VR headset & controller: Yesterday, Google announced plans to grow its VR efforts through a new platform called Daydream. Today, the company shared more details, including that it will build its own hardware for the platform.

3. Facebook launches interactive map for Live Video: Facebook’s Live Video feature just got global thanks to an interactive map that’s rolling out on the site. If you’re looking for a stream from a random stranger you can either choose one from one of the highly ranked clips on the left side of the page, or click on one of the blue dots from everyone else on the digital globe.

4. Snapchat is being slammed for its ‘whitewashing’ lenses: Last month it released a Bob Marley lens that many critics likened to digital blackface. This time around, the controversy is over a filter that “whitewashes” the user’s face, smoothing over the skin with a light complexion, bigger eyes and a thinner jaw. Snapchat users have dubbed it the “pretty” filter because it wipes out blemishes, however it has sparked criticism that it’s promoting Eurocentric beauty standards.

5. Google announces Firebase Analytics & Universal App Campaigns updates for app developers: At I/O on Wednesday, Google made several announcements for app developers looking to market and promote their apps with Google, including a new analytics platform for app developers. The company also touted Universal App Campaigns — the campaign type that launched a year ago to enable developers to run ads across Google properties and networks with one campaign set up in either AdWords or the Google Play Developer Console — for helping Google become a competitor in the app install ad market, despite being late to the game.

6. Allo is a messaging app with Google built right in: Google is announcing a new messaging app today. It’s called Allo and its main feature is a Google assistant that’s built right in. Google says it’ll be available later this summer — for free — on both iOS and Android.

7. LinkedIn resets passwords on millions of accounts as new data-leak reports surface: LinkedIn has responded to reports that millions of user account details have leaked online by invalidating the passwords deemed to have been impacted. The company added that it will contact the affected members to reset their passwords too.

8. This is Pinterest’s first ever TV ad: Pinterest aired its first ever TV ad on Monday. The spot ran on Channel 4, the UK TV commercial broadcaster. Created by ad agency Stinkdigital and brokered by media agency MediaCom, the commercial forms part of a seven-month campaign that will pick up lines from the shows the ads is around in the creative.

9. Twitter data show most tweets from brands, publishers, celebs contain links: Yesterday, Bloomberg reported that Twitter plans to stop counting links against tweets’ 140-character limit. It’s a no-brainer move. People share a lot of links on Twitter, especially brands, celebrities and media companies — three of Twitter’s most important constituents.

10. Twitter for Android testing Periscope button that lets you launch live streams: Sharp-sighted Twitter users on Android have spotted a new live-streaming button within the app. The new “Live” option can be uncovered when a user goes to compose a tweet. The feature is located alongside other existing options, such direct sharing of images and videos from your phone’s camera, or saved media from your library.

11. 85 percent of Facebook video is watched without sound: Facebook might be hosting upwards of 8 billion views per day on its platform, but a wide majority of that viewership is happening in silence. As much as 85 percent of video views happen with the sound off, according to multiple publishers.

12. Facebook Brings Branded Video Ads To Audience Network: In a significant expansion of its video ad offering, Facebook will bring video ad formats to its Instant Articles platform and to the external apps and sites in its Audience Network.

13. The mixed, early impact publishers are seeing from Facebook Instant Articles: Publishers are starting to see the results of Facebook Instant Articles, which launched widely last month, giving them a way to post fast-loading content directly to the social network. They have been treating the new format as an experiment to see what it means for their businesses to give their distribution over to Facebook so fully. They are tweaking the type of content they post as Instant Articles, how much they post and figuring out how they impact performance and monetization.