1. Here’s Why Facebook India Joining Operator Association COAI Is A Smart Move: Facebook India’s joining operator association COAI is a smart move considering the present times where COAI is lobbying TRAI to regulate messaging apps in India. Read more here.

2. Karthi Marshan On How Social Media Has Evolved At Kotak Mahindra Bank: Karthi Marshan, Executive Vice President & Head Group Marketing at Kotak Mahindra Bank shares how over the years Kotak has evolved on social media. Read more here.

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4. On The Hindu’s Social Media Dictate To Its Employees To Refrain From Sharing Stories Of Other Publications: The Hindu has asked its employees to stop sharing articles from competing publications on social media. We look at the rationality with experts from the industry. Read more here.

5. Prashanth Challapalli On His Professional Life And His Belief In Content In Digital Media [Video]: Prashanth Challapalli, Digital Head at iContract talks about his digital career, his earlier work life and the interesting work at iContract. Read more here.

6. Fashion Brand People Asks Youth To #StartTrending, But Isn’t Active On Twitter Yet! Youth fashion brand from Madura Fashion has launched #StartTrending, a campaign inspired by social media, but isn’t active on Twitter itself. We look at the repercussions. Read more here.

7. A Look At Dating App Thrill That Has Pivoted And Simplified Dating: Thrill Dating app pivots and makes a simplified dating process. We review the android app that lets singles view photos, message and take the conversation further. Read more here.

8. Nishad Ramachandran On His Early Days In Kerala, Professional Growth And How Advertising Has Evolved Today: Nishad Ramachandran Head Digital at Hansa Cequity talks about his early days of growing up in Kerala, move to the advertising world and later to the digital world. Read more here.

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10. Why Domino’s India Needs Lessons On Online Reputation Management: We look at how Domino’s India does its social media disaster management, when someone puts up a photograph exposing its quality standards. Read more here.

11. Qyuki Is Now A Creative Brand Working With Creators To Grow Their Fan Base, Says Co-Founder Samir Bangara [Video]: Interview with Samir Bangara Co-Founder and MD at Qyuki, a creative brand helping creative people from film and music to grow their fan base. Read more here.

12. Karl Gomes On Digital Evolution In India And Starting Up Fanatics [Video]: Interview with Karl Gomes on his professional growth, how digital has evolved in India and the reason behind starting up Fanatics. Read more here.

13. Sabyasachi Mitter On IBS Products Division, Mobile And Challenges In Digital [Video]: Sabyasachi Mitter talks about why Jifi, banking via Twitter is one of the special projects of IBS in H1 2014 and the growing focus of IBS on the products division. Read more here.