1. These Tweets Tell You #WhatGoogleDoesntKnow: #WhatGoogleDoesntKnow has been trending on Twitter for a while now. Here is the curated list of funny tweets on #WhatGoogleDoesntKnow. Read more here.

2. These Funny Tweets Tell You The #FiveWordsToRuinADate: Curated list of funniest tweets from #FiveWordsToRuinADate. Read more here.

3. Hounded By Hindu Activists, Tamil Writer Announces To Give Up Writing Via His Facebook Post: Tamil author Perumal Murugan has decided to give up writing and withdraw all his work from further sale, following protests from Hindu activists over his novel ‘Madhorubhagan’. Read more here.

4. Sacked Employees Take To Social Media To Expose TCS Layoffs: The widespread TCS layoffs have spurred an online movement led by a Facebook page and sacked employee stories, to reveal the truth behind the IT firm’s layoffs. Read more here.

5. Sorry Idea, Twitterverse Do Not Believe ‘IIN’ Is The Greatest Place To Learn: Idea Cellular’s latest campaign ‘Idea Internet Network (IIN)’ is getting slammed on Twitter for its concept. Read more here.

Idea IIN

6. These 4 Case Studies Explain Why A Data Driven Approach For Digital Businesses Is A Must: Sachin Uppal, Marketing Director at RummyCircle.com talks about why a Data Driven approach for Digital Business is a must along with four case studies. Read more here.

7. Two Primary Reasons Why Indian Pharma Isn’t Doing Great On Digital: Two major challenges why Indian pharma isn’t doing great on Digital Marketing, in the backdrop of #DigiSights 2015 - Indian Pharma in Digital marketing conference.. Read more here.

8. 6 Key Takeaways From #DigiSights 2015: How Indian Pharma Can Excel In Digital Marketing: Six major takeaways from #DigiSights 2015 to help Indian Pharma industry excel in digital marketing. Read more here.

9. Facebook, Not Twitter Should Acquire India’s ZipDial: Rumors are on that Twitter is about to acquire India’s ZipDial. We tell you why Facebook acquiring ZipDial will make much more business sense. Read more here.

10. This Ethnic Brand Uses Storytelling In Its New Film For The Urban Woman: Ethnic wear brand BIBA has launched the ‘Be Yourself’ video that features the story of a small town girl finding herself in Mumbai, all through her Facebook updates. Read more here.

11. Why This Fitness Brand Roped In India’s Bestselling Author To Build A Community Of Fitness Enthusiasts: Chetan Bhagat and Reebok India have launched ‘Reeboot 100’ – a 100-day transformation program with a diet and fitness plan designed for Bhagat, to build a community of fitness enthusiasts at ReebokOne. Read more here.

12. Why ICICI Should Be Worried By Kotak’s Evolution As The Most Social Media Savvy Bank In India: Kotak Mahindra Bank has launched Jifi Saver, a savings account that can be manged by Facebook and Twitter, a year after Jifi was launched thereby giving competition to ICICI’s Pocket App for Facebook. Read more here.

13. How Beauty Bloggers Amplified The #ArtOfOiling Campaign By Parachute Advansed: Parachute Advansed’s #ArtOfOiling campaign included blogger outreach as part of its digital marketing mix, where influential beauty bloggers were invited to the launch and given demos on the DIY massage videos. Read more here.