13 Lighthouse Insights Stories You Don’t Want To Miss

Best of Lighthouse Insights from the week which includes #VibeUpMyLife, HUL Snapdeal, #LostInPleasure, Reel video messaging app, Dulux Visualiser App, Asus India

Experience Commerce Vibeupmylife

1. A Rundown On The Launch Of The World’s First Layered Smartphone Vibe X2: A summary of events at the launch of Lenovo Vibe X2, the world’s first layered smartphone, following an extensive 3-day digital teaser campaign #vibeupmylife. Read more here.

2. How Art, Tech & Social Are Working In Real Time For The 72 hour Art-a-Thon Campaign #Vibeupmylife: Lenovo Mobile India and Experience Commerce are running a 72 hour Art-a-Thon to promote the world’s first layered phone. We look at the real time execution from accepting a user challenge to creating the final vibed photo. Read more here.

3. 16 Best Challenges Thrown Up By Fans On Facebook For #VibeUpMyLife: Curated list of ten best challenges by Facebook fans for the #VibeUpMyLIfe - a Lenovo Mobile India campaign. Read more here.

4. These Rad Artists Are Creating Magic For #VibeUpMyLife In Ways You Could Never Have Imagined: A collection of some super creative Lenovo #VibeUpMyLife challenges requested on Twitter, as part of the 72 hour art-a-thon where rad artists add exciting layers to user photos in real time. Read more here.

5. 32 Seriously Funny Tweets From #AreYouSerious: After #VadraAttackedJournalist trends on Twitter, #AreYouSerious was next to trend. The article curates 32 funny tweets from the trend. Read more here.

6. 22 Funny Tweets On The Sachin Tendulkar-Greg Chappell Dispute: Curated list of 22 funny tweets on the latest controversy of Sachin Tendulkar And Greg Chappell that opened up after Sachin’s autobiography. Read more here.

7. How HUL Cracked A Winning Social Media Deal From Snapdeal’s Soapdeal: Following the viral story of Snapdeal sending a Vim soap bar instead of a Samsung Duos phone to a customer, HUL, makers of Vim delighted the customer by gifting him the said phone and some Vim liquid soap. Read more here.



8. Can This Photographer Really Sue Prime Minister Narendra Modi For Allegedly Stealing His Photo: PM Modi, unknowingly, used photographer Bimal Nepal’s photo for his Dhanteras Facebook greetings, and is now being threatened to be sued by the photographer. Here we find out if that is possible. Read more here.

9. Why This Premium Ice Cream Brand Is Urging Consumers To Get #LostInPleasure: A look at how Magnum ice creams is using digital and social media to shift its brand proposition from royalty to pleasure, with pleasure ambassador Kareena Kapoor. Read more here.

10. Virat Kohli In An Interactive Avatar For Oakley’s Disruptive By Design Challenge: Oakley India has launched the Disruptive By Design Challenge featuring brand ambassador Virat Kohli in an interactive video where the cricketer throws up challenges to players. Read more here.

11. How Asus India Leveraged Social Media For The Zenfone Series Launch [Case Study]: Digital marketing case study for Zenfone series by Asus India that involved a gamified microsite, Twitter contests and visuals to bring about information and engagement. Read more here.

12. Now See Your Room Come Alive In Any Colour With The Dulux Visualiser App: A review of the Dulux Visualiser Android app that helps you visualise any colour on your room walls before painting. Read more here.

13. Here’s Taking A Look At The First Video Messaging App For India: Review of Reel video android messaging app. Adam Baker Co-Founder claims that the app is a first video messaging app for India. Read more here.