1. MakeMyTrip’s Rebranding Campaign ‘Dil Toh Roaming Hai’ Needs More ‘Dil’ On Digital: Online travel company, MakeMyTrip has repositioned with a new tagline ‘#DilTohRoamingHai’, but the digital leg of the rebranding exercise is only a silly quiz contest to boost TVC views.

2. Arrow Needs A Digital Strategy Makeover If It Wants To Connect With Youth For #BoldNewProfessional: To connect with youth and shed its formal tag, Arrow has launched #BoldNewProfessional campaign. Surprisingly the brand has no digital leg to connect with its target audience.

3. TaxiForSure’s #ReferAll Could Be More Fun On Social With Constable Chowriappah: A look at the social media buzz for #referALL, TaxForSure’s referral program that rewards Rs 100 credit to both parties, while boosting the company’s app downloads.

4. #GoGustoRides - Mahindra Gusto Powers India’s First Ever Food Ride Led By Influential Food Bloggers: Mahindra arranged a food ride around Mumbai for building awareness about Gusto, its first automatic scooter. Foodies led by influential food bloggers rode their Gustos while explore food.

5. Why Kellogg’s Needs To ReThink Its YouTube Strategy - TV Content Won’t Work On YouTube: Kellogg’s sitcom style web series ‘Kellogg’s Wale Guptaji ki Family‘ wants to make cornflakes a healthy and entertaining habit. But will the TV kind of content work on YouTube?

6. Titan Raga’s New Ad Tells Young Women About The Right Time To Get Married: Extending the idea of ‘Her Life Her choices’ for the wedding season is Titan’s new ad film that talks about the right time and reason to get married.

7. CEAT Tyres Wants You To Download Its Mobile App To Participate In #CEATStrategicTimeout, Lame Idea? To promote it’s mobile app CEAT Tyres is asking users to download the app to be part of #CEATStrategicTimeout contest, but is it helping the brand on digital?

8. Tanishq Builds Trust With #TanishqPromises Employee Stories: Tanishq’s latest campaign ‘Tanishq Promises’ is a refreshing take to highlight brand promises with the help of staff stories.

9. Pepsi Taps Bloggers, Youtubers, IPL Teams To Reach Out To Millennials For #CrashThePepsiIPL: Pepsi’s Crash the Pepsi IPL campaign is asking fans to create ads, is this crowdsourcing effort on digital and social media risky or disruptive.

10. Why #AskMadhuriWithOralB Is A Blatant Product Promotion In The Name Of Community Engagement: Oral-B lets fans on a Q&A with brand ambassador Madhuri Dixit, but instead uses the video responses by the actor to promote its toothpaste’s benefits.

11. Sorry Gap India, Your Friendly Talks With Brands On Twitter Look Unreal: Gap India makes a friendly debut on Twitter and other brands extend a warm welcome. Are these brand conversations being orchestrated, do they point to a new trend.

12. What Mesh, Maxus’ Social Command Center Has To Offer: Maxus has launched Mesh in association with Vocanic, a marketing command center that reads environmental signals in real time.

13. Pinterest Opens Its API For Brands, What Marketers Need To Know: Pinterest has opened its Content Publishing API to brands and their ad-tech partners, and is also introducing an ads API to help brands buy ads on the platform.