13 Global Digital Marketing Campaigns That You Should Read This Week

A collection of the best global digital marketing campaigns which include #LiveInLevis Style, Juicy Juice targeting millennial moms, Hefty #SaidNoSchoolEver campaign

1. Visa, Startup Create Direct Mail You Won’t Throw Away: In March, Visa challenged the startup community to come up with new ways to engage and inspire millennials, encourage affluent consumers to take advantage of Visa Signature credit card rewards, and increase adoption and usage of Visa Checkout, an online-payment platform that is approaching its one-year anniversary.

2. Levi’s Partners With 6 Rising Musicians And Encourages Fans To Share Their #LiveInLevis Style: In full-on Millennial Hipster mode, Levi’s, with help from AKQA, has followed up the July launch of its Alicia Keys women’s denim collection by extending its Live in Levi’s Project with a content destination featuring five rising musicians.

3. Canon Highlights the Oddly Specific Moments You’ll Wish You Had Used a Printer: Grey New York makes that case in a series of new spots for Canon’s Pixma printers, extending a fun campaign launched this spring. As in the earlier ads (which you can watch below), folks who fail to make hard copies of photos, documents, tickets and such learn some hard lessons, and promise themselves: “Never again.”

4. Teachers Say They Have Too Much Money for Supplies in This Sarcastic Hefty Campaign: Trash bag company Hefty and Havas Worldwide Chicago tackle a big issue—one that’s more powerful than smelly garbage or nondurable bags—for the brand’s new #SaidNoSchoolEver campaign.

5. Procter & Gamble teams with digital influencers for Asia-Pacific skincare campaign: Procter & Gamble (P&G) in Asia-Pacific has launched two new digital influencer campaigns to promote its SK-II skincare range. The #ChangeDestiny campaign enlisted nine online influencers who each created and distributed video content around the ‘Destiny Changing’ challenges they have overcome in their lives.

6. Terry Crews and Isaiah Mustafa Are Now Battling for the Hearts of Old Spice Fans: For the first time, Old Spice’s two resident ad stars, Terry Crews and Isaiah Mustafa, are appearing in commercials together. In a new campaign to help customers choose a scent to match their personalities, Mustafa and Crews star in seven spots slated to be released throughout the fall.

7. How Juicy Juice Is Targeting Millennial Moms: The strategy targets a sought-after consumer: the millennial mom. In particular, Juicy Juice is going after digitally savvy moms with kids ages two to six, according to the brand.

8. Oreo Created an Ode to the Pinkie for Its New, Thin Cookie: The 60-second digital spot from Oreo’s digital and social shop, 360i, playfully follows all the ways people use their other fingers. The pinkie, meanwhile, doesn’t do much. That is, until the Thins come along and the pinkie can triumph. Along with the new digital spot, Oreo and 360i also introduced an Instagram campaign to “highlight the grown-up occasions that Oreo Thins are all about.”

9. Papa John’s Highlights Better Ingredients in New Campaign: Pap John’s is rolling out its first 60-second TV commercial, using the extended messaging time to drive home its long-held commitment to better ingredients. The new campaign, from Grey, New York, attempts to stand out from other fast food competitors by showing Schnatter’s 1984 beginnings. He claims better ingredients were in the pizza he made in the broom closet of the tavern owned by his father. In addition to the TV spot, which debuted yesterday, Papa John’s will use 15-second video clips on the company’s website.

10. How a Web Series About Tradition Helped a Beer Brand Reach Millennials: Human’s first episode features Cameron Weiss, the 27-year-old owner of Weiss Watch Company, the only U.S. watchmaker that finishes its own cases and dials by hand. Subsequent episodes have profiled people who have handcrafted surfboards and even motorcycles. The fourth episode, which debuted today, spotlights 30-year-old Jake Weidmann, one of only 11 Master Penmen in the world. The five-part series runs on Woven’s UPROXX site, Facebook and YouTube pages, and Coors Banquet’s Facebook page.

11. The Most Boring video in the World: The Arrels Foundation (Fundación Arrels) in Barcelona has been raising awareness of their work with the homeless with The Most Boring Video in the World. The commercial presents a man standing on a street where he was recently sleeping homeless.


12. Inside DraftKings’ reign: Online sports meets offline experiences: DraftKings is a daily fantasy sports site where users can log on and create a team from a roster of real players. Each user gets $5,000 in Draft King ducats to spend on drafting players (how much a player costs depends on how well he has been playing in real life). Once you have a team, you can enter contests — entry fees range from $5 to $500 in real money. How much you win and if you win is determined by how well real-life football, baseball, soccer or hockey games go.

13. How Forever 21 courts millennial dudes in social: Forever 21 is associated with trend-driven millennial women willing to cycle through affordable party dresses and accessories each season. Now that the retailer has built a fast-fashion empire with 600 global stores, it’s flexing its muscle in menswear.