13 global digital marketing campaigns that you should read this week

Global digital campaigns from last week - World Bread Day in Madrid, Old Spice This Blocks on Copenhagen buses, Dove’s latest #SpeakBeautiful campaign, and more

Inside Car Throttle’s Instagram strategy: Car Throttle is shifting gears. The online community for auto fanatics once prioritized building (and keeping) its audience on its owned and operated sites. Increasingly, however, it has come to embrace social channels. One major focus area is Instagram, where it has doubled Instagram followers in six months to over 500,000 across its three main accounts: its namesake account, a news account and a pure video account.

Goldman Sachs Is Trying to Recruit Millennials by Running Ads on Spotify: For its latest marketing investment, Goldman Sachs is spending on Spotify. The financial-services firm started running ads Wednesday on the music-streaming service in the U.S. and U.K. in hopes of recruiting younger candidates. The campaign includes a 30-second spot hinting at a few of the roles potential employees might be interested in.

Kevin The Fire King promotes Georgia Lottery Keno: Georgia Lottery Keno’s latest commercial, “The Fire King”, channels Game of Thrones in a medieval fantasy parody. The spot features Kevin the Goat reprising his fire-breathing heroics from earlier campaigns. “The Fire King” saga follows Kevin’s quest for the throne in the land of 12 realms.

Horror network CryptTV shows the potential for scripted content on Facebook Live: CryptTV, a digital-only network has been distributing original horror content across Facebook, YouTube, and Snapchat to a growing number of fans. Now it’s taking things a step further,demonstrating the potential of scripted content on Facebook Live. Rather than just distributing finished content on Facebook, the network is airing an original film.

This most horrifying psa portrays addiction to one of the world’s deadliest drugs: A surreal six-minute video from Europe is aiming to battle the use of krokodil—a cheap, easy-to-make heroin alternative infamous for turning the skin of its users into scaly reptilian patches, and their brains into puddles—by imagining the darkest, most self-destructive thoughts of one of the drug’s users. The film, titled “Krokodil Requiem,” is a haunting mix of animation and live action.

Dove’s latest #SpeakBeautiful campaign comes under fire for ‘policing women’s self-expression’: Dove is facing a backlash on social media for #SpeakBeautiful campaign which seeks to “spread positivity” online. The campaign requires women to ask friends who are being negative online, be it about themselves or others, to post two positive tweets for every cynical one they share using the hashtag #SpeakBeautiful.

Vimeo launches a TV store featuring top series from Lionsgate, STARZ: Well-received TV series including “Orange is the New Black,” “Casual,” “The Royals,” “Mad Men,” and “Weeds” are now available for sale on Vimeo, which today launched its own television storefront in partnership with Lionsgate and STARZ. The store will feature nearly the entire Lionsgate catalog of TV shows, which includes the above, as well as other titles like “Nurse Jackie,” “Boss,” “Blue Mountain State,” and “Manhattan.”

Old Spice This Blocks on Copenhagen Buses: Earlier this year, OutOfHomeMedia ran a bus advertising campaign in Copenhagen, Denmark, with a huge tag line, “Ad Block This”. The Ad Block This bus rolled around Copenhagen and gained a lot of attention. TBWA & BBDO figured that their work on a local campaign for Old Spice Odor Blocker would be a great response.

How Nike Is Beating Brands Like Apple and Adidas at Twitter Customer Care: Rational Interaction, a digital agency based in Seattle, last month released a study that found that 67 percent of Twitter’s 310 million daily users utilize the platform for customer service. At the same time, it discovered that nearly 93 percent of brands are not responding sufficiently to such queries.

REI uses Facebook 360 video to target multicultural millennials: As part of its “Access Outdoors” campaign launched last month, outdoor gear retailer REI shot three two-minute long Facebook 360-degree videos to target urban, multicultural millennials in Austin, Chicago and Los Angeles. In the videos, REI documented eight artists working on installations in the three cities with the goal of making the outdoors more accessible to young urbanites.

Mirum creates ‘hidden’ football museum to show the future of retail experiences: Digital agency Mirum has created a museum around a fictional football team, hidden from view in the fact that it exists solely through tablets and VR, to show how brands could be augmenting retail spaces with mixed reality.

Jewellery Crafted by my Heart: Marketing and advertising agency DDB Group Hong Kong has launched CRAFTED BY MY HEART, an iOS jewellery design app that lays down the rhythm of your heart as a one-of-a-kind gold, silver or black silver (gunmetal IP) ring. The app offers a choice of two unisex design templates, SURGE and SIERRA, that are customised by your heart beat.

World Bread Day in Madrid: The World Bread Day, October 16, is an event created by the International Federation of Bakers (UIB). The day is designed to celebrate the history and future of bread, share the work of bakers across the world, and help exchange views on the raw material from which many varieties of bread are made. CLV, an advertising agency in Madrid, has produced a film for they, shot in Panic, one of the best bakeries in Madrid, where bread is an object of worship elevated to the status of precious art.