13 Global Digital Marketing Campaigns That You Should Read This Week

Global digital campaigns - Hyundai Preroll skip ad, Burberry, Coach and Chanel win over WeChat users, Inside United’s Instagram strategy, Canon Instazoom campaign and more

1. Hyundai Preroll Skip Ad: Hyundai is promoting the Elantra’s auto emergency braking system with a preroll Youtube film with a difference. The Hyundai Preroll Skip Ad’s concept evolved out of peoples’ annoyance at pre-roll ads, and their tendency to skip them as soon as they pop up. Inn ocean made the “skip” button a distraction for the driver in their ad too. In “Hyundai Preroll Skip Ad” a persistent driver tries to rid the screen of YouTube’s distracting “skip ad” button. He almost hits a mother and daughter crossing the street, but with the help of Elantra’s auto emergency breaking, his car stops just in time.

2. Canon shows off camera’s super-zoom lens in a creative Instagram campaign: Coming up with a creative advertising campaign is far easier than it sounds, especially when it’s revolved around social media. But Canon Asia, alongside advertising agency Dentsu Singapore, managed to do just that with “Canon Instazoom,” the latest campaign to promote the PowerShot SX60 HS super-zoom point-and-shoot (via Branding Asia).

3. Plane porn: Inside United’s Instagram strategy: When United Airlines first took flight on Instagram in 2013, it posted everything from photos of events and sponsorships to photos of its social media team and even glimpses of its Network Operations Center in Chicago. But after culling data over the past few years, the airlines’ social media team and agency Wunderman realized what your average traveling Instagrammer intuited all along: Aerial shots of airplane wings gliding over wispy clouds and birds-eye views of vast swathes of land far outperformed other types of content.

4. How Burberry, Coach and Chanel win over WeChat users: Luxury brands are putting more resources into China’s booming mobile app WeChat, where they can sell products directly to more than 600 million users.

5. Prime Minister Justin Trudeau Tries to Lure More Americans to Canada in New Tourism Campaign: Trudeau appears in the first video of Destination Canada’s three-year campaign, “Connecting America,” which launched this month and will include ads and social media content for the U.S. market that showcases Canadian destinations.

6. Jack Link’s Jerky Hangry Hacks: Jack Link’s is running “Hangry Hacks”, an advertising campaign in which hungry and angry characters break the safety glass on an emergency reserve stash to recover their sense of perspective. “Gym Beast” features comedy sketch artist Josh Leyva losing his cool at the gym, with cameo appearances by the Hodge Twins.

7. Legoland’s New Campaign Is ‘Built for Kids’—Just Ask Its Pint-Size CEO: This week, Legoland and VML New York are launching a new spot starring Tommy Parker—the brand’s kid CEO as part of Legoland’s ongoing “Built for Kids” campaign. The new ads show off all of the cool features of the hotel—like a moat made out of legos and kid-friendly restaurant menus with macaroni and cheese.

8. Bodyform Blood Sports: Bodyform, the SCA Feminine Hygiene brand, has released a campaign connecting menstruation with women in sport. “No blood should hold us back – and periods shouldn’t stop us from keeping fit”. Body form’s five commercials, “Blood”, “Skater”, “Boxing”, “Ballet” and “Runner” tell us a story about strength, courage, will and discipline. About women who don’t give up, even under the harder conditions. Even bleeding.

9. BMW Innovation: BMW in the UK is celebrating the 100 year anniversary with BMW Innovation, a series of striking press adverts that demonstrate the innovative technology available within the range of cars. In an unusual departure from traditional car advertising, the press adverts do not feature a car at all; instead, a road is seen from the perspective of the driver, set in three dramatic landscapes.

10. One month in: What CNN has learned from Facebook Messenger bots: CNN has high hopes for Facebook Messenger bots. “Our vision is to be the worldwide leader in mobile and video news storytelling. Messaging apps are in many ways as important a growth platform as mobile has been,” said CNN svp and chief product officer Alex Wellen.

11. Special Dog Knows Too Much: Special Dog, a pet food manufacturer in Brazil, normally focuses advertising on the sentimental relationship between humans, dogs and cats. Sao Paulo advertising agency DM9DDB has produced a creative and disruptive campaign exploring the companionship of dogs and the importance of offering the best dog food we have.

12. This Chinese detergent ad is being universally blasted for racism: A commercial for Qiaobi, a Chinese laundry detergent, is jaw droppingly racist. The commercial shows a woman loading clothes into a washing machine when a paint-splattered black man approaches her. She then stuffs him into washer where he pops out as an Asian man.

13. Snickers Hungerithm: Mars Chocolate Australia has introduced the SNICKERS® Hungerithm, a hunger algorithm that monitors the mood of the Internet, and then lowers SNICKERS prices accordingly. The Internet gets a little angry when it’s hungry. The angrier people get, the cheaper SNICKERS® get, with prices updating over 140 times a day and dropping to as low as 82% off the normal shelf price.