13 Global Digital Marketing Campaigns That You Should Read This Week

Week's best global campaigns - Kellogg Ancient Legends, KFC Australia social media backfire, McDonalds Anything For Love, Strongbow Apple Ciders 'Nature Remix'

1. How Microsoft Australia used interactive video to improve brand perception: Exponential and Microsoft conducted a video based study to determine if an interactive video ad, specifically Exponential’s proprietary VDX interactive pre-roll, served as a better canvas for telling brand stories when compared to a standard pre-roll ad. The study also sought to determine whether interactivity improves brand perception, providing a deeper connection.

2. McDonalds Anything For Love: McDonalds Australia is running “Anything for Love”, a TV commercial featuring the 1993 Meatloaf hit, “I’d do anything for love”. The 90 second commercial tells the story of a young man’s journey from a self-centred bachelor to a dedicated dad.

3. Starbucks Turns Snapchat Selfies Into Playfully Fun Ads to Promote Its New Loyalty Program:Starbucks is the latest brand betting on Snapchat’s 6-month-old Sponsored Lens ad format that overlays graphics on the app’s ephemeral photos and videos. Today, the brand is running a Sponsored Lens to promote its recently revamped loyalty program and mobile app.

4. KFC Australia tried to make a dick joke. It backfired.: KFC Australia has misjudged its audience on social media as people who can handle an adult joke. The fast food giant tweeted out a dirty image on Friday in a social media campaign for its new Hot & Spicy chicken range. Unfortunately, like your weird uncle’s quips, the NSFW joke didn’t really go down as intended. Zinger fail.

5. Vaping Still Blowing Smoke: The State of California is educating citizens about the potential perils of vaping nicotine with “Still Blowing Smoke”, an integrated advertising campaign designed to wake people up to the long term effects of e-cigarettes.

6. Churchill calls for the return of lollipoppers to UK roads in latest brand activation campaign:Car insurance company Churchill has revealed its latest brand activation campaign to help bring lollipop men and women back to the streets of Britain, partnering with Channel 4 and Peep Show’s Robert Webb, Bauer Media, Mumsnet and PTA UK to maximise its reach.

7. Kellogg’s uses VR to transport users to Ancient Egypt in new breakfast launch: Kellogg’s has created a virtual reality experience to launch product range ‘Ancient Legends’, allowing users to have breakfast with Queen Cleopatra. The brand used Oculus Rift technology to create a multisensory virtual reality experience in 360 video that tracks and replicates a user’s movements in real time. It transports comsumers to Ancient Egypt, where they can eat Kellogg’s cereal with Cleopatra.

8. Menlook brings Instagram to television in its latest ads: Menlook, a men’s lifestyle and e-commerce site based in Paris, is launching a television advertisement today composed entirely of Instagram photos shared by fashion influencers around the world.

9. Ma’agalim by Jane Bordeaux: Jane Bordeaux, a band based in Tel Aviv, has launched a Hebrew language music video for “Ma’agalim”, using a rotating penny arcade entertainment machine to explore the concept of cycles. A wooden doll, stuck in place and time, is overtaken by every-day life scenarios. Finally the clockwork behind the scenes comes to a breaking point, sending the doll and all the characters into a new dimension.

10. Gillette adopts a Mafia theme, wanting you to join its razor subscription family: Gillette has marked the launch Gillette Club, an e-subscription initiative that sees blades regularly shipped to men, with a mafia-themed add calling on ‘wise guys’ to join. Backing the new subscription service is national advertising campaign filmed in the style of a gangster movie.

11. Marriage Market Takeover for Leftover Women: International skincare brand SK-ll is running “Marriage Market Takeover”, a documentary putting a spotlight on the real-life issue of Chinese women being pressured to get married before they turn 25. In it, a number of brave Chinese women have daringly chosen to speak their mind about one of the most controversial subjects in recent Chinese history, the ”Sheng Nu” label.

12. Absolut Buenos Aires Cocktail City: Absolut Argentina has launched “Cocktail City”, anintegrated advertising campaign promoting Absolut Buenos Aires vodka, honouring the “porteño” sprit. Following the idea that Buenos Aires is such a young city, almost like a blank page, WTF? Agency and Pernod Ricard Argentina decided to make the set for this limited edition like a small Buenos Aires, with its most iconic buildings, cafes, theaters and avenues, completely in white paper.

13. Strongbow Nature Remix: The world’s leading cider brand, Strongbow Apple Ciders, has launched a new global marketing campaign, called ‘Nature Remix’. Through a series of coordinated acts in seven cities around the world, the campaign aims to reconnect city dwelling consumers with nature, making their everyday environment a more enjoyable place to live. The campaign comprises experiential activity, as well as a new TV commercial, digital films and social media amplification.