13 Best Digital Marketing Reads From Lighthouse Insights

Best digital and social media marketing stories from Lighthouse Insights which includes Influencer Marketing Campaigns, PhoneRadar and PowerDrift YouTube strategy, Better India Email Marketing

1. 5 Cool Digital Marketing Campaigns That Took A Stand On Social Issues: Indian brands are taking a stand on social issues like live-in relationships, homosexuality, gender equality, single parenting, religious conversion, staying single, and more in their campaigns.

2. 10 Influencer Marketing Campaigns That Got It Right: A list of 10 interesting influencer-driven digital campaigns that roped in influencers to meet their brand objectives, while smartly leveraging their influence for brand building.

3. 5 Video Product Features Facebook Launched This Year To Compete With YouTube: To compete with YouTube, Facebook has introduced various product features for its video arm. Listed here are 5 features launched by Facebook in H1 2015.

4. How Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, Snapchat & Google Are Integrating Commerce On Their Platforms: The article talks about how social networks like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, Snapchat and Google are integrating commerce on their platforms.

5. 11 Major Updates By Facebook, Twitter, YouTube & Meerkat From This Week: Major updates from social networks such as Facebook, Twitter, YouTube that include Twitter’s Event Targeting, YouTube re-design mobile app, Facebook’s watch later, SlideShare paid lead generation.

6. 15 Global Digital Marketing Campaigns That You Should Read This Week: Week’s best global digital marketing campaigns that include Petco’s YouTube strategy, Sling TV #TakeBackTV, #Forever21ThreadScreento Instagram, Dentyne Follow Food Truck, Online #BearStare Game, Nike Short Guy.

7. Lloyd Rehashes Ariel #ShareTheLoad For Its New Unisex Washing Machines, Triggers Outrage, Job Well Done: Lloyd has launched unisex washing machines marking its entry into washing machines category, but the promotional campaign is similar to Ariel’s #ShareTheLoad.

8. HCG & Pink Hope Invite Cancer Survivors To Share Selfie Videos For The SelfV Film Festival: Healthcare Global Enterprise and Pink Hope have kickstarted the SelfV Film Festival to bring forth cancer survivor stories through minute-long selfie-videos.

9. ShopClues’ #GharWapsi Sale Boosts Commute Commerce, Traffic Grows By 40%: Ecommerce portal ShopClues is boosting commute commerce with Ghar Wapsi sale - fresh offers through mobile app between 6 and 9 pm. The sale brought a 40% rise in traffic on first two weeks.

10. OLX’s #LittleJoysOfLife Film Lends A Beautiful Twist To A Classic Love Story: OLX has rehashed the classic ‘The Gift of the Magi” by O Henry, to suit a modern couple’s love story where the two sell their favourite stuff on OLX, to be able to buy for the other.

11. Unboxing The YouTube Content Strategy Of PhoneRadar With Amit Bhawani: Amit Bhawani of PhoneRadar talks about the YouTube channel growth in 4 years, the urge to do interesting videos and the road ahead with regional content.

12. How Positive Stories Publisher TheBetterIndia Is Using Email Marketing To Reach Out To Its Readers: Dhimant Parekh, Founder at TheBetterIndia talks about how the portal of positive stories has been using email marketing, corporate newsletters and challenges.

13. How PowerDrift Is Redefining Indian Motoring As A Lifestyle On YouTube: Satyen Poojary from PowerDrift shares how Indian motoring truly deserves to be shown, the YouTube content strategy, work with brands, engaging with PDArmy and the future.