13 Best Digital Marketing Reads From Lighthouse Insights

Best of the week from LI - Adidas #FeelLoveUseHate, #KhulKeKheloHoli Parachute Advansed, #PlayBold Royal Challenge, #FitToFight Reebok, and more

1. Tata Coffee Grand’s Badass Granny All Set To Disrupt Coffee Advertising: No promises, no preaching, only demanding. A saree-clad hip-hopper bling bling Granny is the new face and voice of Tata Coffee Grand promotions.

2. #FitToFight: Kangana Ranaut’s Personal Triumphs Seek To Inspire Women In Reebok Brand Story: The minute-long ad is grounded, non-preachy and sure packs a punch in just a few responses, Kangana shines as usual as Reebok hopes to bask in the reflected glory.

3. How The Biba Silver Screen Innovation Grew The Ethnic Wear Brand’s Revenue By INR 60 Lakhs: Out with its A/W collection, Biba was looking to innovate its customer engagement and not just announce the launch on social media. The Biba Silver Screen device helped it achieve both and how!

4. WedMeGood’s Inspiring Video Tells Curvy Brides To Own Their Day: ‘Curvy is in’, an Indian wedding planning portal taking up the case of curvaceous brides is way more special than curvy Barbie.

5. 4 Reasons Why You Should Be A Part Of LI B2B Digital Campaign Awards 2015: From a feature on LI to a trophy, here we’ve listed 4 reasons why agencies/brands should be a part of LI B2B Digital Campaign Awards 2015.

6. #PlayBold: Royal Challenge Rolls Out An Awesome Fan Anthem For Team India: Capturing the flavours and culture of every city and weaved around different situations, it brings together young boys and girls waking up to the new war cry - Play Bold India.

7. Google’s Hilarious Ads Tell You How Easy It Is To Search For Cricket This T20: The new cricket search features to run during the ICC World T20 and IPL 2016, will bring to your Google app all the news, updates, score boxes and a live commentary panel.

8. #KhulKeKheloHoli – Parachute Advansed Nails It This Holi With The Perfect Long Format Film: The product has been so seamlessly woven into the story that a viewer does not realize what they’ve been watching is an ad, and not a Shubha Mudgal holi video.

9. That Airtel 4G Girl Makes A Comeback But She Is Not Confident Of Her 4G Network: The Airtel 4G girl has been stamped into our memories with the memes and jokes on her. She is now on a holiday break from all that, yet she shows us how Airtel 4G has the widest network.

10. How Google Got The Indian Pulse Right For #WT20 Better Than Facebook & Twitter: While Facebook and Twitter have focused on introducing product features, Google has launched an aggressive marketing campaign too, for the ICC World T20 2016.

11. #FeelLoveUseHate: Why Adidas India Is Getting Virat Kohli To Talk About Love And Hate: #FeelLoveUseHate manages to play around well with the brand ambassador, Virat Kohli and leverage him the best way a sportswear brand can in this digital age.

12. 15 Global Digital Marketing Campaigns That You Should Read This Week: Global digital campaigns of the week - British Vogue tests WhatsApp, Stella Artois be legacy, #BringBackTheBees and more

13. 8 Major Updates From Facebook, Twitter, Instagram & Tumblr: Social network news from the week - Facebook debuts ‘Lift API’ , Facebook test topics, Instagram changing the algorithm, and more.