12 Major Updates From Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, Snapchat & Google

Major updates of the week from social networks that include Snapchat to generate $100 million revenue, Tweet ‘Buy’ Button, Facebook looping video profiles, Google Customer Match


Google updates

1. Google To Let Advertisers Upload And Target Email Lists In AdWords With Customer Match: The new product, called Customer Match, lets advertisers upload their customer and promotional email address lists into AdWords. The launch was rumored this spring in a report by the Wall Street Journal, but the new targeting capability extends beyond search to include both YouTube Trueview ads and the newly launched native ads in Gmail.

2. Google Display Network Will Charge Only For Ads That Are Viewed: Speaking during a keynote discussion at SMX East in New York, Brad Bender, vice president of product management of the Google Display Network, said: “I’m pleased to announce that GDN is moving to 100% viewable. We’re going to migrate all of the CPMs in the system to viewable CPMs. All advertisers will be able to see viewable metrics so they can make better decisions.”

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YouTube updates

3. YouTube Addresses Complaints About Inappropriate Content In Updated YouTube Kids App: Now, YouTube is beginning to address this problem with an update that will help parents better restrict the type of content a child can access on YouTube Kids. This feature and more, including Chromecast and Apple TV support as well as guest-curated playlists, will arrive in an new version of the app due in a few weeks’ time, says YouTube.

4. YouTube Wants Viewers to Buy Directly From Product Review Videos: YouTube wants to make it easier for viewers of its product review videos to buy the actual products, so it’s launching ads that let viewers shop directly from the videos. YouTube CEO Susan Wojcicki made the announcement today during the IAB MIXX Conference at Advertising Week.

Facebook updates

5. Facebook Debuts Ad-Buying Product to Get Into More TV-Minded Budgets: On the eve of the Advertising Week in New York, the tech giant is introducing a purchasing product dubbed TRP Buying—which references the metric called target-rating points (TRPs). The TRP Buying system leans on Facebook’s partnership with Nielsen’s Digital Ad Ratings division, which will verify how well the social site’s video ads perform in conjunction with TV spots.

6. Facebook’s Medium-style Notes upgrade is now rolling out: Twitter is testing a new polling feature and Facebook is rolling out its upgraded Notes tool, a change the platform previewed last month. If you think the new Notes looks a lot like Medium, you’re absolutely right — the designers responsible for the lightweight blogging service were hired by Facebook at the start of the year.

7. Looping videos are coming soon to Facebook users’ mobile profiles: Today, the social network announced on its blog that it will drastically redesign user profiles, which are viewed 4 billion times a day. Facebook’s massive push to mobile, as evidenced by its new logo and ad products, are the reason why it’s redesigning people’s profiles the company says.

8. Up A Half Million In Six Months, Facebook Says It Now Has 2.5 Million Advertisers: In June of 2013, Facebook formally announced that it had 1 million advertisers. Then, in February of this year, the company announced 2 million advertisers. And last night, it said it now had 2.5 million. Advertiser growth is clearly accelerating.

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Twitter updates

9. Twitter Plans To Allow Tweets Longer Than 140 Characters: Twitter is working on a product that would allow users to tweet more than 140 characters at a time, according to a report in Recode today.

10. Twitter Gives More Marketers Easy Access to Its In-Tweet ‘Buy’ Button: Expect to start seeing more tweets imploring you to buy stuff. A year after it began testing a “buy” button to sell products within tweets, Twitter is looking to blow open its e-commerce business.

Snapchat updates

11. Snapchat wants to put brands on your face: Snapchat launched its new “lenses” feature just two weeks ago, and since then users have watched their friends puke rainbows and turn into wide-eyed emojis on a daily basis. Now we know there was a whole other reason behind the lenses feature: brands. For a not-so-small fee — up to $750,000 in certain situations, according to the Financial Times — Snapchat will design sponsored lenses for brands that will last just one day.

12. Snapchat is on track to generate $100 million in revenue: Snapchat is on track to generate $100 million in revenue on an annualized basis, according to a new report from the Financial Times. The mobile messaging company is also ramping up its advertising efforts, wasting no time in transforming its new selfie-photo feature into a money-making, ad-friendly product, the FT said.