12 Major Updates From Facebook, Google & Snapchat

Facebook begins testing live video streaming for all users, LinkedIn launches major revamped mobile app are some of the major social network updates from the week.

1. Instagram unveils multi-account access for Android beta users: Instagram is taking a page from Twitter’s book by allowing its app users to stay logged in to multiple accounts at the same time. The feature is rolling out to Android users who are part of Instagram’s Play Store beta testing program.

2. Snapchat finally enables publishers to ‘deep link’ to their Discover content: Snapchat’s enabling its publishing partners to promote their channels on Facebook and Twitter with links directly to their content, the company said today. The media partners, which include Hearst, IGN, Vox, BuzzFeed, CNN and Vice, will share links on social media apps and the mobile Web that will take people directly to their Snapchat content.

3. YouTube Seeks Streaming Rights to TV Shows, Movies: YouTube is seeking streaming rights to TV series and movies to bolster its new subscription service, intensifying its rivalry with Netflix Inc., Amazon.com Inc. and Hulu in the competitive market for online video.

4. LinkedIn launches major mobile app revamp for iOS and Android: LinkedIn’s major app overhaul is live on iOS and Android, bringing with it a few key changes to the business social network.

5. Facebook Partners With 50 Publishers To Launch Instant Articles In Asia: Facebook is bringing its Instant Article media format to Asia after more than twenty media from eleven countries in the region — including China, India and Indonesia — went live on the platform. A further 30 more media have agreed to begin publishing Instant Articles “soon,” Facebook said.

6. After privacy ruling, Facebook now requires Belgium users to log in to view pages: In response to a privacy ruling, Belgian Facebook users must now sign in to see any content. The change means that if you don’t have a Facebook account, you can’t view Belgian Facebook pages — including public profiles like those of local businesses.

7. Facebook now lets you chat with businesses via Messenger on their website: Managing a Facebook Page is a crucial social strategy for many business owners today, and now Facebook wants to make it easier to interact with customers right from their own websites. An update to the Page Plug-in lets businesses add a message box and event information to their page.

8. Teens still don’t think Facebook is cool but they use it more than any other social site: A new study from research firm Forrester found that while only 65% of 12 t0 17-year-olds consider the social network “cool,” (ranking it below most other popular apps), it still generates more “hyper usage” than Snapchat, Instagram, or Twitter. About 61% say it’s the social network they use the most.

9. Snapchat’s first breaking news event covers San Bernardino mass shooting: Snapchat has taken many by surprise by making its grand entry into the field of live news coverage. On December 2, as the mass shooting in San Bernardino, California, was unfolding, the ephemeral messaging app took the unprecedented step of creating a “California Shooting” live story. The Snapchat team curated the story by adding video and images from the app’s users as news of the event was still breaking online and on TV networks across the U.S.

10. Facebook begins testing live video streaming for all users: Four months after introducing live video streaming for celebrities and other high-profile users, Facebook is now rolling the feature out to everyone inside its flagship app. Starting with a small test today, Facebook users will be able to use a redesigned status menu to select “live video.” Over time, the company plans to bring it to all users.

11. Facebook Instant Articles now available in Latin America: Following its launch in India just a couple weeks ago, Facebook’s Instant Articles is now available for iOS devices in Latin America. Over 40 outlets in Brazil, Argentina, Chile, Colombia, and Mexico will use the platform for popular publications such as Telemundo, Adoro, Capricho, and many others.

12. Google Is Testing Ads That Let Consumers Demo Mobile Apps Before Downloading: Today, Google is debuting Trial Run Ads, which allow apps to be demoed for around 1 minute before downloaded and are meant to increase downloads from people who actually want the app. (Check out the Cookie Jam example above.)