12 Major Updates By Google, Facebook, Twitter & Periscope From This Week

Major social network updates from Google, Facebook, Twitter & Periscope include Google is Alphabet now, Facebook Auto-Play Ads, Twitter NFL agreement, Twitter Full Archive Search API


1. Google Has Given Birth to Its Own Parent Company, Alphabet: Google CEO Larry Page said Monday that he and co-founder Sergey Brin have created Alphabet, which will effectively become a holding company consisting of smaller companies including Google. Mr. Page will take the reins of Alphabet as CEO, Mr. Brin will become president of Alphabet and Google’s de facto second-in-command Sundar Pichai is taking over as CEO of Google.

2. The inside story of why Google is becoming Alphabet now: The announcement of Google’s new holding company, Alphabet, initially led to near-universal bafflement among the tech cognoscenti: why would Google, an industry leader, create such upheaval? The most immediate benefit may simply be that CEO Larry Page, who is stepping away from day-to-day management, can spend more time playing with Legos.


3. Twitter Launches Full Archive Search API To Give Enterprises Instant Access To Every Tweet:Expanding on historical products offered by its Gnip service, Twitter is now offering social management platforms real-time access to full Twitter stream.

4. Twitter, NFL Sign Two-Year Extension To Serve More Football Video: Twitter and the NFL have signed a two-year agreement to bring in-game highlights and other content to the social network. It’s an extension of a deal first signed in 2013 and renewed last year, but this time there will be an acceleration.

5. Twitter drops 140-character limit on direct messages: Twitter announced today that it’s increasing the character limit from 140 to 10,000 on direct messages making it finally useful for communicating coherent thoughts and making it a formidable competitor to Facebook Messenger and WhatsApp.


6. LOL is so over: Facebook study reveals ‘haha’ is how we laugh online: If you laugh online, it’s probably with a “haha” or an emoji — at least, that’s according to some interesting data analysis from Facebook.

7. Facebook is making an app that will send breaking news alerts to your phone: Facebook continues to carve out a space in the news game, and now the company is building a mobile app that will send breaking news alerts straight to your phone, Business Insider reports.

8. Facebook Unveils Dynamic Retargeting Tools at #CZLSF: Facebook’s focus on mobile targeting continues, as Matt Ideman, the company’s global head of ads marketing, debuted two updates to Dynamic Product Ads (DPA) during his ClickZ Live San Francisco keynote.

9. Facebook Confirms Live Broadcasting Will Soon Open To Journalists And Verified Profiles: Facebook plans to open up its Periscope livestreaming competitor to more than just celebrities. In replies to requests from Verified Pages about when they’d get access to the VIP-only Facebook app Mentions that houses Facebook Live, the company wrote “In the future, Mentions will be available to verified Profiles”.

10. Auto-Play Ads Coming to Facebook Audience Network: Facebook has just made app advertising a little bit easier by offering new features to its Audience Network including carousel ads and desktop video app ads.

Periscope and Snapchat

11. Periscope Now Has 10 Million Users Who Watch 21 Million Minutes a Day: The Twitter-owned company noted the progress in a blog post, along with this humdinger of a data point: Approximately 40 years worth of livestreaming footage is being watched every day on Periscope. That equates to 21 million minutes every 24 hours.

12. With new update, Snapchat will be less of a data hog: Snapchat on Monday released a new update that will prevent the app from using too much data. The feature, called “Travel Mode,” turns off snaps from automatically downloading when you’re on cellular data. This means that stuff from Snapchat Stories or Discovery won’t load automatically.