12 Major Updates By Facebook, Twitter, Instagram From This Week

A list of major updates from Facebook, Twitter,Instagram which includes Facebook Creative Accelerator , Facebook Buy Button, Twitter DM, Instagram new layout


1. Pushing Place Tips, Facebook Offers Free Bluetooth Beacons To U.S. SMBs:In January Facebook introduced Place Tips as a way for businesses to serve marketing messages to people visiting their real-world locations. Triggered for users who check in at a location or have their location settings activated in Facebook mobile apps, Place Tips offer advice, recommendations and other information from friends with have visited the location and from the business itself.

2. Facebook Lite Gives Advertisers Access to New Demographics in Asia: Earlier last week Facebook announced the launch of Facebook Lite, a new stripped down version of Facebook for Android that uses less data and works well across all network conditions.The global launch of Facebook Lite for android users will also give advertisers greater access to consumers in developing regions across Asia, especially in India and Indonesia, experts say.

3. Facebook Messenger for Android reaches 1 billion downloads:Facebook Messenger is the latest app to join the three comma club, alongside Facebook, WhatsApp, Gmail, YouTube, Google Search, and Maps. Other than Google, Facebook is the only other company to have an Android app with 1 billion downloads on the Play Store.

4. Facebook Messenger games are here:We know that Facebook Messenger has more than 600 million users and now we know how Facebook wants to keep all those people on the app: games. Facebook launched its first round of apps for the Messenger platform back in March of this year, but no games were included with the lineup. Most apps were for sharing gifs, still images and videos with friends, which makes the new Doodle Draw for Messenger the first game for Facebook Messenger.

5. Facebook Challenges Pinterest With News Feed Buy Button For Shopify Merchants:Facebook wants its ads to sell you stuff directly so you never have to click away to another app or site. Until now, Facebook was testing a Buy Button that does that with just a few selected test merchants, but now its opening it up to more retailers on Shopify‘s ecommerce platform.

6. Facebook targets ads in India, Turkey and Indonesia based on your gender and Internet speed:Based on technology that can read how fast or slow your most common connection is, the Creative Accelerator works with advertisersincluding Coca-Cola, Nestlé, condom-maker Durex and soapmaker Lifebuoy to craft ads targeted at emerging countries, crafted for every device from a basic smartphone to an advanced iPhone 6 Plus.

7. Twitter Advertisers Can Now Target Categories Of Installed Apps:Twitter today introduced an advertising tool that enables targeting people based on the categories of apps they have installed on their phones. The company said the new targeting feature will allow app advertisers to reach people more likely to be interested in their companies’ apps.

8. Twitter is letting you and your friends join hands to block trolls and miscreants:Twitter users will now be able to export and import block lists, the social media company announced today. Any user can curate their own list of users they block on the service, then export the list and share it with others. This will, in theory, help those in the Twitter community receiving harassment from similar sources, allowing users to collaborate on block lists spanning entire groups, not merely individuals.

9. Twitter makes it easier to follow conversations by linking replies:Twitter has updated the way it handles replies to tweets, ostensibly making it easier to track and follow conversations between different people under the same original post. Where before clicking on a tweet on Twitter’s web client would show any replies in an unordered mass below, forcing readers to track back and forth to pinpoint the comment the parties were replying to, chains of connected messages will now be linked with a line on the left-hand side.

10. Twitter Will Increase DM Character Limit From 140 To 10,000:Twitter will no longer limit direct messages to 140 characters. Starting in July, the maximum length of DMs — Twitter’s private messaging feature — will be boosted to 10,000 characters. The company announced the change in a post in its developers forum and a tweet by DM product manager Sachin Agarwal.

11. Instagram cleans up its website to mimic mobile and make photos pop:Instagram began rolling out a sharper, faster web site on Tuesday that all 300 million-plus userswill have access to by the end of this week. Expect a refreshed look more closely resembling Instagram on mobile devices.

12. Google Brings YouTube Brand Lift Measurement To Mobile, Adds Metrics:A year in, Google is bringing its brand lift measurement solution for YouTube ads to mobile and expanding metricsit measures to include lift in consideration, favorability and purchase intent.