12 Major Updates By Facebook, Twitter & Instagram From This Week

A list of major updated from Facebook, Twitter and Instagram from this week which has Facebook News Feed changes, Instagram opens API, Twitter customer service, Facebook customer service, etc.

Facebook updates

1. Facebook Lessens News Feed Impact Of “Hide” Button Clicks By Active Hiders: Facebook has recently clarified a change in the way that the “hide” feature works and how it may affect your page. It was a small change geared towards users who are heavy users of the hide button and typically hide the majority of posts. The hide button is a strong algorithm indicator in what not to show on the News Feed. When these users hide everything, they end up missing a good bit of content they’d actually like.

2. Facebook Dumps Plan To Cut Off Device-Level Data After Advertiser Revolt: Facebook has reversed a plan to cut off device-level data collection for mobile app advertising campaigns after a revolt by game developers and advertisers.

3. Facebook Gives Pages The Ability To Respond To Comments Privately: Facebook Pages are getting a big customer service update. Facebook announced today that businesses will soon be able to respond to customer questions and complaints privately.

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4. Facebook Launches Periscope Rival, But Only For Celebrities: Considering the splash made by Meerkat and Periscope this spring, it seemed like only a matter of time before Facebook dipped into the live-streaming video stream. And that time came today, as Facebook announced that it is giving people the ability to share live video on the social network. But the new feature comes with a catch: it’s a VIP-only service.

5. Facebook patent could allow lenders to examine your friends’ credit scores: Facebook has gained yet another way to put users’ personal data to work. The social media giant obtained an updated patent on Tuesday that will allow lenders to analyze borrowers’ social connections and offer or deny loans accordingly. The patent is a rare insight into the many ways Facebook can monetize user data and was first identified by SmartUp Legal.

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Twitter updates

6. Twitter’s new experiment makes it look a little more like Facebook: Your Twitter timeline may soon bear a greater resemblance to your Facebook news feed.Twitter is trying out a new look for summary cards — that is, tweeted links on Twitter.com — and the experiment looks a little familiar. “We’re experimenting with summary cards in the timeline to make cards more visually appealing, media-forward and give users more information about the content in a glance,” a Twitter spokesperson told Mashable.

7. Twitter Introduces Bulk Editing Tool For Managing Ad Campaigns: Twitter today introduced a new feature to help advertisers manage multiple campaigns. Called ads editor, the tool enables users to create and manage advertising campaigns with spreadsheets, either downloaded from existing Twitter campaigns or created from scratch and uploaded to Twitter’s ad-serving dashboard.

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8. Twitter Publishes 122-Page Customer Service Playbook For Brands: Fewer than 30% of questions to brands on Twitter were answered in Q2 of 2015. Twitter’s new guide will help businesses do better and cut their customer service costs.

9. Twitter Experiments With A ‘News’ Tab: Starting today, some U.S. Twitter users will see a News tab appear in their Twitter apps. The experimental feature, part of Twitter’s effort to make its best content easy to find, inhabits the middle tab of the app’s navigation bar and brings up a list of headlines that are trending on the platform.

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Instagram updates

10. Instagram is opening the advertising floodgates: As of Tuesday, the photo-sharing app is switching on an API that lets advertisers use third-party platforms like Brand Networks and Salesforce to schedule their own campaigns for the first time. In short, it’s now way easier for more brands to buy more Instagram ads.

11. Hootsuite Is Rolling Out New Instagram Integration, Including Scheduling Workaround: Hootsuite is working to ease Instagram limitations, rolling out an Instagram integration that gives users of the popular social management tool several handy time-saving features. Social teams using Hootsuite will be able to share access to Instagram accounts across teams, monitor Instagram activity and create approval workflows, and respond to comments and engage with users.

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12. Salesforce Marketing Cloud Announces A Slew Of New Instagram Marketing Tools: As one of the fastest growing social networks, Instagram can’t be ignored. Today Salesforce has added significant tools to help marketers with their Instagram efforts. From publishing to advertising, The Marketing Cloud will offer up robust features around Instagram.