1. 15 Best Indian Social Media Campaigns Of Quarter 3 2014: A list of 15 best Indian Social Media campaigns reviewed in quarter 2 2014. Read more here.

2. On The Transformation Of Flipkart’s #BigBillionDay To The Big Scam Day Sale: Flipkart launched it’s #BigBillionDay today but is facing a severe crisis on social media with users bashing it’s online reputation and calling it a big scam day sale. Read more here.

3. The Funniest Tweets On Flipkart’s #BigBillionDay PR Disaster: Collection of funny tweets on Flipkart’s Big Billion Day Sale which failed to attract on social media because of server crashes and online shopping problems. Read more here.

4. A Lifestyle Portal Throws A #BangBangDare To Hrithik Roshan And He Accepts It: Lifestyle portal, Bed.Bath.More dared actor Hrithik Roshan to shop for bedsheets from them for a social cause, inspired by the actor’s #bangbangdare promotional campaign. Read more here.

5. This Three Year Old Girl’s Rescue Story Will Make You Proud Of Social Media: Three-year old girl Jhanvi Ahuja who had gone missing from India Gate in the capital has been found thanks to the family, police and social media campaigns. Read more here.

6. Not Just For Facebook But Internet.org Makes Business Sense For India Too: The article discusses why Internet.org makes business sense for India and not only for Facebook. Read more here.

7. These Tweets Tell Us How Little We Know About #NobelPeacePrize Winner Kailash Satyarthi: Child rights activist Kailash Satyarthi is the 1/2 recipient of Nobel Peace Prize of 2014 along with Malala from Pakistan but Indians aren’t aware of him. Read more here.

8. Lonely Planet India Invites Travellers To Share Offbeat Destinations Via ‘India Unexplored’: Lonely Planet and Skyscanner launch India Unexplored, a digital campaign that invites avid travellers to share their offbeat travel experiences. Read more here.

9. Here’s Checking Out Asia’s Only Mobile First Social Media Management And Analytics Platform: Review of Thoughtbuzz, the social media management and monitoring product which was acquired by To The New last year. Read more here.

10. Twitter India, Aren’t Digitally Signed Posters By Superstars Passé? For Amitabh Bachchan’s 72th birthday Twitter India and Fluence Digital media are giving away personalized posters to fans on Twitter, an initiative that has been done to death and needs to be stopped now. Read more here.

11. How A Condom Brand Shattered A Nation’s Stereotypes And Celebrated Great Sex [Case Study]: Case study on Durex India’s ‘Do The Rex’ campaign that featured actor Ranveer Singh in a Bollywood song and dance routine, to trigger a cultural change towards safe sex in the country. Read more here.

12. 7 Things You Should Know On What Mark Zuckerberg Spoke At The First Internet.org Summit In India: A summary of Mark Zuckerberg’s talk at the Internet.org summit in Delhi where he talks about how to bring internet connectivity to India and why it should become the fundamental right. Read more here.


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