12 global digital marketing campaigns that you should read this week

Global digital marketing campaigns from last week - L’oréal uses virtual reality to train hairstylists, BMW The Escape Film starring Clive Owen, Burger King Halloween scare, and more

L’oréal uses virtual reality to train hairstylists: Virtual reality isn’t all fun and games. It might seem that way since games have the largest share of VR applications, but education and training are coming on strong, according to Fast Company. Case in point: L’Oréal is launching an educational VR program called the Matrix Academy for training stylists.

When I grow up – Vote Wisely: When I Grow Up… is a project that reminds everyone about the importance of voting. On the eve of what many perceive to be the most important election of their lifetimes, a team of people were inspired to unite and create a piece of sharable content that would not just remind Americans about the importance of voting, but also remind them of the Presidents that came before, and the powerful legacies they left behind. “When I Grow Up” points to the Presidents who embodied qualities of true leadership and stood for principles that helped unite us as a nation.

“The Truth” takes aim at ISIS with Global Influence campaign: ISIS (Daesh, ISIL) is slowly being driven from Mosul, Iraq, but the war against radical terrorism is far from over. To help combat the influence of hate, London-based strategic communications firm Global Influence has come up with a campaign aimed at helping those vulnerable to ISIS’s influence and encouraging them to come together to stand up to terror.

The Tale of Thomas Burberry: Burberry has released “The Tale of Thomas Burberry”, a commercial designed as a movie trailer, telling the story of the fashion company’s founder. The trailer is described as “160 years in the making, a story inspired by the pioneering discoveries of our founder, reimagining key events that have shaped Burberry’s history”. Domhnall Gleeson plays Thomas Burberyy, the draper who invented gabardine, a tightly woven textile, and recruited high profile customers as his brand ambassadors. Sienna Miller provides the love interest.

Mastercard Built A Payment Chatbot To Assist Their Wearable Platform: Mastercard is introducing some new methods to make their services more mobile and multichannel retail oriented. The first initiative they’re starting is that of chatbots for banks and merchants.

Babbel Speak The Language: Babbel, the online language learning company, has launched an advertising campaign centred on two commercials, “Tiny Whale” and “Messy Dress”. The campaign’s goal is to position the Babbel brand globally, and showcase the core strengths of the Babbel App. At the center of the campaign is Babbel’s primary brand message: To help people speak a new language quickly and like they’ve always wanted to.

The Huffington Post is using video to talk to men about mental health: In the U.K., the Huffington Post’s video team of seven is ramping up its original video output, running a series in November on men’s mental health. The initiative, called “Building the Modern Man,” will feature video blogs, original video series, written articles, and, in a hallmark move for the Huffington Post, it will be guest-edited by Wimbledon Champion Andy Murray.

State Farm Scary Right Halloween: State Farm, the American insurance company, this year ran “Scary Right”, a Halloween advertising campaign centred on two online commercials, “Chase” and “Jumper”. The Scary Right campaign will make your heart beat fast, and your palms sweat until a State Farm representative is there to help. The State Farm Scary Right ads, which promote the hashtag #heretohelp, are in sync with the new State Farm tagline and positioning “Here to Help Life Go Right.”

How Tasty’s Addictive Cooking Videos Helped BuzzFeed Build a Food Empire: Alvin Zhou is not your typical video producer. On a recent fall afternoon, he’s hovering over a table in a test kitchen cutting and prepping vegetables and meat that he’ll later whip into an ersatz “fried rice” dish made with cauliflower. As I watch, I’m offered a hot chocolate chip cookie topped with sea salt straight out of the oven.

Burger King Halloween Scare: Burger King is connecting with Halloween in the USA with a campaign centred on the makeover of a restaurant at 92-85 Queens Blvd, Queens, New York. The Burger King Halloween scare involved dressing up the restaurant in white sheets featuring design elements from the McDonalds restaurant chain. A golden arch becomes the ghost’s eyebrows. The sign reads, “Booooooo! Just kidding, we still flame grill our burgers. Happy Halloween.”

GiffGaff End The Nightmare: U.K. mobile brand Giffgaff has launched “The Music Box”, the latest in a series of Halloween-themed commercials. The GiffGaff End The Nightmare commercial compares the classic two-year phone contract to being being trapped in a nightmare. A woman is caught up in a series of horror moments after she sets the dial on her music box to two years. Her nightmare sequence is inspired by various horror films, including the recent Netflix series “Stranger Things”.

BMW The Escape Film starring Clive Owen: BMW USA has launched “BMW The Escape”, a new short film featuring Clive Owen, 15 years since the launch of The Hire. The original series of short films, released over two seasons from 2001 to 2002, starred Clive Owen as a mysterious driver hired to compete various missions. Clive appears again as the Driver in The Escape alongside Dakota Fanning, Jon Bernthal and Vera Farmiga in a film directed by Neill Blomkamp.