12 Global Digital Marketing Campaigns That You Should Read This Week

Best global campaigns - Inside CNBC International’s Brexit Facebook Live strategy, Pizza Hut to launch pizza-ordering chatbot, CNN’s expanding digital footprint, and more

Behind CNN’s expanding footprint: ‘Content and distribution aren’t separate’CNN isn’t alaggard on the social news front. It aggressively posts its journalism to social media platforms, firmly believing it needs to meet readers where they are. It regularly ranks high among news outlets in terms of engagement on Facebook. And with its huge global footprint, it’s sought after by the platforms to pilot new initiatives and features like Snapchat with Discover and Apple with Apple News.

Denny’s fluffs up digital to sell its new pancakes: The breakfast wars just got a whole lot fluffier. Fifty percent fluffier, to be exact. Denny’s is rolling out 50 percent fluffier pancakes across its over 1,700 locations this week, and announcing the move — made with a nod to the growing demand for fresher ingredients — through partnerships with YouTube, Snapchat and other digital channels in its biggest campaign to date.

Don’t call it a “geofence.” UberMedia introduces the “Optimal GeoSpace”: UberMedia has launched what it calls the “Optimal GeoSpace,” a dynamic targeting zone that changes by location, time of day and retail category. The company says it developed the approach to fight against the blunt, “one size fits all” approach of conventional geofences.

No olives, please! Pizza Hut to launch pizza-ordering chatbot for Facebook Messenger: The goal of the bot is not only to make ordering pizza easier, but also to help improve accuracy, and eliminate wait times.

Viral Experiment:  All Revealed The Woolshed Company, a film production company in Melbourne, has released the results of “Viral Experiment”, a two-year social experiment exploring the phenomenon of ‘viral’ videos and shareable content. The objective was to experiment with the conception, creation and distribution of a series of short form, snackable content pieces intended to reach and entertain a worldwide audience regardless of medium or platform and without aid of any paid media, promotion, publicity, established channels or distribution networks.

How The Washington Post grew digital subscriptions 145 percent: The Washington Post has shown its ability to make big traffic gains, aggressively embracing social platforms like Facebook and pumping out more viral video fare. Last year, it made a big show of surpassingThe New York Times in traffic, with multiplatform uniques now at 63 million, up 32 percent year over year, according to comScore.

Inside CNBC International’s Brexit Facebook Live strategy: Finance and business news is hot right now among millennials across Europe, thanks largely to the interest stirred up by the Brexit fallout. CNBC International is seizing the moment to go deeper with its Facebook Live content, and appeal to younger viewers.

BBC Rio Olympics with Jungle Animals: BBC coverage of the Rio 2016 Olympic Games in August is being promoted with an animated trailer set in the Tijuca Rainforest. Jungle animals take their places in their version of the summer Olympics, with sprinting jaguars, a gymnastic sloth, an armadillo weight lifter, synchronised diving alligators, a hammer-throwing ant eater, ape volleyballers and a high jumping cat. Finally the animals morph into their human counterparts, gathering together to look over the city of Rio de Janeiro to take part in “The Greatest Show on Earth”.

Cancer Research UK Life Garden: Cancer Research UK has launched “Life Garden”, a virtual reality garden experience designed to celebrate and thank over 100,000 people who have left a gift in their will to the charity. The virtual reality experience, on display at the Hampton Court Palace Flower Show, transports viewers to a seemingly endless field of flowers after donning an Oculus Rift headset. The Cancer Research UK Life Garden will move to locations around the UK at specially designed ‘Tribute Events’.

How Wilkinson Sword wants to ‘cut through’ on social: Wilkinson Sword started life in 1772 selling arms — literally swords — to London’s ruling classes. Today, the brand is owned by Edgewell Personal Care and better known for selling razors and other personal care products across Europe. It’s a cut-throat time for razors, though. The seemingly unstoppable rise of the beard have dented shaving-product sales.

A sound experiment: How video clips from The Economist podcasts (huh? yes, really) helps the publisher find new listeners.

‘Mr. Robot’ Season 2 premiere debuted on Twitter and Facebook, but only for a short time: In a special treat for fans of the award-winning show “Mr. Robot,” USA Networks leaked the first episode of its second season online, but only for a limited time. The cable network posted not just a trailer or teaser, but the entire show on Facebook and Twitter. The fun only lasted until 10:20 p.m. Eastern, but the official premiere will be on July 13.