12 Best Digital Marketing Reads From Lighthouse Insights

Best of the week from LI - #LastWords Film, Airtel #Udaan, B2C Content Marketing Campaigns, Dabur Gulabari #AmPrettyTough, and more

1. Leonardo DiCaprio Finally Finds Love With Oscars And Brands Don’t Miss The Opportunity For Real Time Content: Indian brands joined in wishing Leonardo DiCaprio for his Oscar win with some interesting real time visuals on social media. Read more here.

2. Indian Brands Roll Out Some Interesting Real Time Content For Leap Day: Curating visuals and GIFs shared by brands for the one extra day in 2016 - 29th February, the Leap Year day. Read more here.

3. #LastWords Film Shows You Why The Dying Also Deserve Dignity: Nurses share the last words heard from their dying patients. The video-driven campaign by Indian Association of Palliative Care hopes to build awareness through digital. Read more here.

4. #11Minutes – An Anti-Smoking Film Cracks The Viral Formula On Digital: #11Minutes is poles apart from typical anti-smoking campaigns, it chooses to inform and not scare via a funky storyline, besides bringing together Sanskaari Bapuji and Sunny Leone. Read more here.

5. #Udaan – How Airtel Made Published Authors Out Of These Young Storytellers: Young minds have never ending stories but do we listen to them? Now 5 young storytellers have not only found the opportunity to share their stories at JLF but are published authors too. Read more here.

6. Facebook’s Reactions Available Globally, Brands Join In The Fun: Facebook has now given us variations to express ourselves beyond a ‘like’, now you can also express love, haha, yay, wow, sad and angry. Read more here.

7. #AmPrettyTough: Dabur Gulabari Wants Us To Look Beyond Looks But The Social Experiment Looks Fake: The brand is striving to shed off its traditional image, but the campaign looked fake and forced upon, characters indulged in too much shock and left me feeling cynical. Read more here.

8. #LowLightHeroes: ASUS Zenfone Salutes Unsung Heroes in First Long Format Brand Film: The short film seamlessly brings the brand closer to its target audience, without deviating from the product and still not looking like an advertisement. Read more here.

9. #AdtechIN Are We Seeing New Rules For Content Monetization? An AdTech Delhi 2016 panel discusses about the new rules of content creation and how monetization is being made possible. Read more here.

10. 7 Successful B2C Content Marketing Campaigns Every Marketer Could Learn From: A look at some brilliant examples of content marketing in India, where organizational goals were successfully met with creativity, faith in the medium and a fair amount of storytelling. Read more here.

11. 7 Global Digital Marketing Campaigns That You Should Read This Week: Best of the global campaigns - L’Occitane big success with Facebook Canvas ads, Netflix hiring “Grammasters,” Heineken Legends campaign and more. Read more here.

12. 6 Major Updates From Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram & Twitter: Social network updates - Twitter launches Moments in Australia, Facebook News feed change for Live Video, Instagram videos taking up, and more. Read more here.