11 Major Updates By Facebook, Twitter, YouTube & Meerkat From This Week

Major updates from social networks such as Facebook, Twitter, YouTube that include Twitter's Event Targeting, YouTube re-design mobile app, Facebook's watch later, SlideShare paid lead generation.

Facebook updates

1. Facebook Testing Watch Later Option For Video Viewing:Facebook is testing a new “Watch Later” button that allows users to flag a video so they can watch it at a later time. The new button was spotted for desktop viewers as a small overlay in the upper right corner.

2. FB launches its targeting feature for Aussie marketers:Marketers in Australia will soon have access to Partner Categories, a feature that allows marketers to reach audience segments based on people’s interests off Facebook. This offers the ability to create a more relevant ad experience for people on Facebook. Australia is the first market in APAC to open up partner categories. Partner Categories are already live in the US, UK, France and Germany.

3. Facebook Pages Get New, YouTube-Like Tools For Publishing & Managing Videos: As Facebook continues its focus on video content, it’s helping Page owners come along for the ride with a new set of tools announced today that will help video publishers control and manage their video content. The upgrade means a new video upload process, and that’s where Page owners will see many of the new tools.

Twitter updates

4. Twitter Probably Ditched Your Sweet Background To Make Ads Look Better: In an unannounced move, Twitter no longer lets you see the customized background you added in the design area of your settings on the home or notification screen pages.

5. Twitter’s New Event Targeting Lets Brands Plan Months Ahead for Live Campaigns: Today, Twitter is launching new ad products that make it easier to promote around peak times. “Event targeting” includes new automated tools with customized data that help set up campaigns aimed at users who participate most during specific events.

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YouTube updates

6. YouTube 360-Degree Video Comes To TrueView Ads:In March, YouTube began supporting 360-degree video uploads made with compatible 360-degree video cameras. The new TrueView ads can be viewed in Chrome and the YouTube app on Android and iOS. By clicking the icon in the ad on computers or by moving a phone around, up and down, left and right, users can change their view of what’s happening in the video.

7. YouTube Gets Mobile Redesign, “Diamond” View Buttons & Courts Creators: YouTube is getting a new look on mobile, new “diamond” playback buttons for super-popular creators, said more content is being uploaded than ever before and shrugged off competition worries, in a keynote talk by YouTube CEO Susan Wojcicki today.

SlideShare, Instagram, Meerkat & Flickr updates

8. LinkedIn Ramps Up In Business Marketing As It Adds Lead Generation To SlideShare: Today LinkedIn is adding something more by way of SlideShare, its site for uploading and sharing presentations. The site is now going to offer paid tools for marketers, with the first focused on lead generation.

9. Instagram Search Arrives For Web Users: Desktop users will now have the ability to search hashtags, locations & accounts thanks to a new search feature from Instagram.

10. Meerkat Just Unveiled a GoPro Livestreaming Feature That Seems Awesome: Meerkat today revealed a feature that allows its mobile-app users to employ GoPro’s high-definition cameras for their livestreams. Now, Meerkat fans can log on to see things from the real-time perspective of adventure seekers and even wildlife—in other words, the kind of footage that made GoPro the hottest camcorder around.

11. Welcome back, Flickr Pro: Premium plan returns with improved analytics, no ads:Flickr is bringing back its Pro subscription plan. Besides a “Pro” badge next to your name, subscribers get better analytics, no ads to clutter the experience, and discounts. The new Pro subscription costs $50 a year or $6a month. The reintroduction could well be aimed toward professional photographers.