11 Major Updates By Facebook, Twitter & Pinterest From This Week

Major update from social networks which include - Pinterest Launches First Third-Party Integrations, Twitter Introduces Video App Ads, Twitter Ads Companion

How Facebook Calculates CPC

Twitter updates

1. Twitter Just Made It Easier for Advertisers to Target College Grads, Parents and Small Businesses With a persona-based system:Twitter wants to make targeting easier for advertisers, so today it unveiled a feature called “personas,”which lets brands target groups of consumers based on whether they have college degrees, are parents, make more or less than $100,000 or run small businesses, to name a few.

2. Twitter Officially Launches Ads Companion For Mobile Campaign Management:Today, Twitter announced the launch of the tool, which it’s calling the Twitter Ads companion. The tool enables advertisers to monitor and adjust campaigns from their iOS and Android apps. Campaigns still must be initiated from the desktop ads dashboard at ads.twitter.com, but the new mobile features give marketers more ways to adjust the dials when they are on the go.

3. Twitter now lets you show (and celebrate) your birthday:Twitter got a little more festive when it announced that users can now display their birthdays on their profiles. The social network plans on rolling out the feature to all users throughout the day on Monday.

4. Twitter Introduces Video App Ads, Bidding Based On Actions & Installs:Twitter announced several additions to its app install advertising tool kit today. Advertisers will be able to promote apps within video ads and optimize bidding for installs and actions.

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Facebook updates

5. Facebook to follow YouTube and start sharing ad revenue with video creators:If you hadn’t already noticed, Facebook is pushing into video in a big way with new features and tools encouraging both users and media firms to upload their moving pictures to the platform. And now, for the first time, the social networking giant is offering to share ad revenue with video creators in a move that’s sure to get a few eyebrows at YouTube HQ edging up from their usual position.

6. Facebook Tests 10-Second Video Views for Advertisers More social clips cause marketers more problems:Facebook is testing a new way for advertisers to buy video promos that may help determine which ads people are actually watching. A Facebook rep confirmed to Adweek that it is running a global test for big-brand marketers who use the company’s Power Editor and API tools to manage campaigns.

7. Facebook tests photo-focused profile redesign on iOS: Facebook appears to be experimenting with the design of some pages on its iOS app. VentureBeat has noticed some updates to user profiles and notifications within the app.

8. Facebook tests floating videos, so you can scroll and watch at the same time:A new button that’s quietly appeared on Facebook for some today allows video to be popped out from the newsfeed so you can keep watching as you scroll.

9. Facebook Dumps “Likes” In New CPC Calculation To Focus On Performance Outcomes: For advertisers that want to drive app installs or traffic to their websites, the cost-per-click (CPC) will no longer take into account engagement actions such as comments, likes and shares. The calculation will focus solely on so-called “link clicks”.

10. Facebook is making it easier to declutter your News Feed:Facebook is rolling out a new set of controls that make it a lot easier to see more of what’s relevant to you in your News Feed— and perhaps more importantly, it makes it easier to banish things you don’t care about. In Facebook’s iOS app, there’s now a new News Feed preferences tool that presents you with four simple tools.

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Pinterest update

11. Pinterest Launches First Third-Party Integrations With Polyvore & IFTTT: Pinterest switched on its developer platform today, introducing Polyvore and IFTTT as the first third-party services to be integrated with its network. The move comes two months after Pinterest announced that it was opening API access to developers; and will be followed soon by more integrations, Pinterest said in a blog post.