1. How An Insurance Brand Is Redefining “Bad Investments” Through Live Stand-Up Comedy On Twitter: The second edition of HDFC Life’s stand up comedy on Twitter was live streamed yesterday following a massive social media buzz. Here we review the campaign’s social media activities on Twitter and YouTube. Read more here.

2. Why Mumbai Police Blocking 650 Social Media Posts Featuring #CharlieHebdo Cartoons Make No Sense: Why Mumbai Police blocking over 650 posts and pages on social networking site of controversial cartoons featured in the French magazine Charlie Hebdo makes no sense. Read more here.

3. How A Herbal Health Company Is Helping People Live their Dream Through ‘My Lakshya’: Himalaya’s My Lakshya campaign to enable people live their dreams, is using digital and social media to reach out to the young urban consumer. Read more here.

4. #FlyTheNewFeeling: Twitter Tells How Tata’s Vistara Took To The Skies Today: As Tata Vistara launches its maiden flight from  Delhi to Mumbai today, its Twitter account brought all the excitement and build up for its social media audience. Read more here.

5. How HDFC Life’s #StandUpOnTwitter Is Leveraging Social Media For Maximum Reach: HDFC Life’s #StandUpOnTwitter - a live standup comedy show on Twitter in association with professional comedians is leveraging social media for maximum reach. Read more here.

6. How Luminous Power Technologies #FanHoJaoge Generated Over 1200 Leads & Created Over 22 Million Impressions: Case study of Luminous Power Technologies #FanHoJaoge campaign that successfully bonded Luminous with fans, and made the leader in Inverters, a known name in Home electrical solutions. Read more here.

7. Chilli Paneer Season 2: DBS Bank Brings In Interactive Storytelling Where Viewers Become Storytellers: Review of Chilli Paneer Season 2,  a first-of-its kind interactive digital ad film in India by DBS Bank where viewers decide the course of the story. Read more here.

8. #ArtOfOiling: Parachute Advansed Brings The Ancient Art of Oiling To The Digital World Through DIY Videos: Parachute Advansed Knowledge Centre and Head Massage Expert Moses Chundi launch a signature line of DIY massage videos through a digitally led campaign - #ArtofOiling. Read more here.

9. Airtel Withdraws VoIP Charges But It Isn’t Due To Consumer Outrage: Airtel has withdrawn the VoIP packs which started the debate of net neutrality in the country. However it isn’t because of customer outrage but a well thought move. Read more here.

10. #GoodDeedWithSnapdeal: Leveraging Social Tagging For Doing Good: Taking a cue from Modi’s Swachch Bharat Mission, Snapdeal’s #GoodDeedWithSnapdeal campaign mobilises people towards doing a good deed, thereby raising awareness on social issues. Read more here.

11. #WhatMyParentsThinkIDoAtWork: A Digital Agency Investigates: Digital agency Flying Cursor asked parents what they think about their profession. The answers would leave you smiling. Read more here.