11 Global Digital Marketing Campaigns That You Should Read This Week

Weeks best global digital marketing campaigns that include NFL Ads Fantasy Football, KFC’s new digital chicken bucket, AT&T; Close To Home, Old Navy’s #unlimited

1. HP Sprout with Jane: HP is promoting Sprout 3D scanning technology with “Jane”, a television commercial set to the Supertramp song “Logical”. Sprout lets anyone grab an object from the physical world, manipulate it in the digital world, and bring it back to life. HP has released a behind-the-scenes video showing the Silverlake Conservatory of Music children’s choir recording the Logical Song.

2. Instagram gets its first game, inspired by the world of ‘Rick and Morty’: Adult Swim is turning the unpredictable, sometimes uncomfortable sci-fi world of Rick and Morty into an interactive game that’s hosted entirely on Instagram. Fans can explore up to 11 different planets featured in Rick and Morty — an animated show following the misadventures of an demented scientist and his naive grandson — through a web of 80 linked Instagram accounts. These nesting accounts allows fans to dive in and out of photo-powered versions of worlds seen on the show.

3. Clever NFL Ads Imagine What Friends Would Talk About Without Fantasy Football: The National Football League wants to capitalize on that trend with its latest marketing campaign featuring stars such as Victor Cruz, Odell Beckham Jr., Randall Cobb, Eddie Lacy and Antonio Brown. The fantasy category has changed significantly over the past few seasons, highlighted by the emergence of daily formats.

4. How Facebook (not YouTube) Is Helping Chubbies Make Videos About Men’s Shorts Go Viral: For some men, the mere idea of wearing shorts is cringeworthy. But e-commerce site Chubbies thinks it’s found its niche among millennial guys online. The retailer began in 2011 with the mission of “revolutionizing shorts,” and it sells swim trunks and shirts in addition to its trademark elastic-waist shorts. The brand primarily targets young guys who like to make the most of weekends with friends. And in today’s marketing world, that means Chubbies had to build a strong social media game.

5. Lenovo created an internal social network to improve employee engagement: Employees at Lenovo were loving — and sharing widely — this article on tech news site CRN about the “10 hottest laptops of 2015.” The only thing was, they weren’t sharing it on Facebook, or Twitter, or LinkedIn or Weibo. The article was instead posted by a Lenovo employee to its own, homegrown social network, known internally as “Lenovo Social Champions.” That’s the latest effort by the China-based computer company to improve levels of employee engagement and advocacy with news about the company’s products, advertising and executive speeches: an in-house social network that is meant to “empower” employees beyond e-mail and other social platforms.

6. evian x Le Slip Français: evian, the French mineral water brand, and Le Slip Francais, the French clothing brand, are collaborating to run a series of before and after posters. Displayed side by side, the posters show baby faces and torsos alongside adult legs clothed in Le Slip Francais clothing, each in summer settings. The evian x Le Slip Français collection, including t-shirts, espadrilles and swimming briefs, found on www.leslipfrancais.fr and in Paris stores, present designs for children and youthful adults.

7. How Bloomberg monetizes readers who arrive from social media: Case in point is Bloomberg Media Group.Bloomberg.com’s social side door traffic has grown 90 percent over the past year, according to the company, no doubt helped by the fact that Bloomberg owns the Twitter handles @business, @luxury, @markets and @technology. According to SimilarWeb, 17.1 percent of Bloomberg’s desktop traffic comes from social sources (a figure that’s likely higher on mobile), led by Facebook, reddit and Twitter. The company has become the latest to introduce a product, called Social Connect 2.0, that lets marketers serve ads to those visitors when they come to the site from social channels.

8. Old Navy’s Back-To-School Campaign Shows What It Means To Be #Unlimited: The clothing company asked kids at Boys & Girls Clubs across North America what it means to be “unlimited,” then turned their responses into a musical back-to-school video to help support their charity fundraising effort.

9. AT&T Close To Home: At&T’s latest version of the “It can wait” road safety campaign is “Close To Home”, an online film bringing together six characters on what appears to be a perfectly average day. Their lives are then irrevocably changed by the devastating consequences of a seemingly innocent glance at a phone while driving.

10. In a bid for Hispanic millennials, Univision pivots on YouTube, Vine and Snapchat: Univision, like other traditional media companies, recognizes that younger viewers are watching less and less — if any at all — of their content on TV. To reach these millennials on the platforms that matter to them, the company is building a multichannel network for Hispanic YouTube, Vine and other online video stars, as well as partnering with Snapchat to create original content around Univision properties.

11. KFC’s new digital chicken bucket prints photos of your chicken-related memories: The humble and iconic paper bucket of chicken is being remade for the digital age. KFC is taking its chicken bucket technology to a whole new level that suits the social media age of selfies and instant gratification.