11 Global Digital Marketing Campaigns That You Should Read This Week

Global digital marketing campaigns - Sagami running “Act of Love”, OMO tells Australians, ‘Dirt is good’, Airbnb Live There, NYPD’s #UnlockJustice backfires and more

1. Syrian Refugees Deliver Powerful Messages on YouTube to Combat Racism in Europe: To combat prejudice, FCB Zurich worked with Refugees Welcome, a nonprofit that helps Syrian refugees find homes in Europe and Canada, to create a powerful YouTube campaign called “Search racism. Find truth.”

2. Digital agency Fuel turns its portfolio into a gamified treasure hunt on Instagram: Digital agency Fuel has gamed Instagram — literally — by turning its portfolio into a gamified treasure hunt on the platform. Fuel’s Instagram page looks and feels like a pinball machine, with 15 different images stitched together into one big picture. Six of these 15 image tabs are visual easter eggs, that users can click through to see the agency’s work and projects.

3. Canada Goose Wants Shoppers to Know It’s More Than Just Parkas: Winter is finally in the rearview, and Canada Goose wants to remind shoppers that it makes more than just high-end, patch-emblazoned parkas. This week, the popular Toronto-based outerwear brand is releasing the second phase of its “Out There” marketing campaign to highlight its spring merchandise.

4. NYPD’s #UnlockJustice social media campaign backfires on Twitter: An anti-encryption campaign launched in conjunction by the NYPD and Manhattan D.A. Cyrus R. Vance Jr.,#UnlockJustice was intended “to highlight the impact encryption is having on public safety and victims of crime.” The manufactured hashtag carrying the campaign slogan was seen as a way of taking the argument online to attract further support on social media.

5. L’Oréal lets colorblind men see red for the first time: L’Oréal’s new campaign has people seeing red. The makeup brand’s latest ad in Mexico is a feel-good digital video that chronicles the tear jerking moment when colorblind men see their partners wearing red lipstick for the first time. The campaign was created by McCann Mexico, based on the insight that one in 12 men cannot see the color red due to color blindness. A red dress or lipstick tends to register as brown, ochre or purple for the colorblind.

6. Put Away the Selfie Stick and Live Like a Local, Urges Airbnb’s New Campaign: According to data from Airbnb, 86 percent of its users pick the platform because they want to live more like a local. That insight of living rather than visiting inspired the brand’s latest and largest marketing campaign, “Live There.”

7. Bonds Boys Digital Billboard: Pacific Brands, with Clemenger BBDO Melbourne and oOh! media, has commissioned a digital billboard featuring Rob and Dennis from the popular mens underwear campaign The Bonds Boys.

8. OMO tells Australians, ‘Dirt is good’ in new campaign: OMO, Australia’s laundry detergent brand, with its Dirt is Good mission, has ignited the ‘real play’ social debate via The Real Play Experiment; an online video created by J. Walter Thompson which highlights the benefits of letting kids play freely and experience life to better prepare them for the future.

9. Record Store Day in Soho: Record Store Day in Soho, London, has been given a boost this year with the creation of posters celebrating music on vinyl records. Founded in Baltimore in 2007, Record Store Day now celebrates the culture of the independently owned record store across the world on the third Saturday of April each year.

10. Waitrose Goes Further Into the Farmyard With Animal GoPro Footage: The first ad was filmed (without too much precipitation) last Friday morning and went out that night during Channel 4’s “Gogglebox.” The campaign is designed to “top and tail” each ad break in which it appears; the first clip simply featured footage of some cows grazing in a field and at the end of the break, another clip showed ingredients on the table; in this case, a dessert topped with fresh cream. It also introduced the new Waitrose tagline: “Everything we do goes into everything you taste.”

11. Sagami Act of Love: Sagami Original Condoms is running “Act of Love”, an integrated advertising campaign celebrating the variety of animal courtship behaviours. Launched in January 2016, the actoflove.jp provides an exploration of 73 animals and birds. A two-minute video, also called Sagami Act of Love, filmed on London’s South Bank, features dancers on London’s South Bank, acting out the mating rituals of blue footed boobies, cranes, fiddler crabs, foxes and flamingoes.