11 Global Digital Marketing Campaigns That You Should Read This Week

Best Global digital campaigns of the week - Kohls at the Oscars, Sprite new millennial ad, MeUndies Snapchat, Microsoft International Women's Day, and more

1. Kohls at the Oscars: US department store chain Kohl’s made the most of their sponsorship of the Academy Awards broadcast this year with “Kohls at The Oscars”. A live Periscope Oscars Party was supplemented with four Kohls at the Oscars commercials in which family members lip sync acceptance speeches from from previous award ceremonies.

2. Android Rock Paper Scissors Be Together: Google used the 2016 Oscars awards night to launch “Android Rock, Paper and Scissors”, an animated television commercial tackling bullying and cliques. “Paper”, a new arrival at school, discovers that being similar to others does not necessarily lead to quick acceptance.

3. Linkedin Closer Than You Think: LinkedIn used the 2016 Academy Awards show to run “Linkedin Closer Than You Think”, an integrated advertising campaign with an astronaut theme. High above Earth, an astronaut works aboard a spacecraft while a voice-over from LinkedIn CEO Jeff Weiner discusses pursuing the opportunities that seem out of reach.

4. Loving Vincent Van Gogh in animated paintings: Loving Vincent, a full feature painted animation film exploring the life and death of Dutch post impressionist painter Vincent Van Gogh, is nearing completion this year. The project, begun in 2011, is being directed by Polish painter Dorota Kobiela and British filmmaker Hugh Welchman, with the help of many other painters on set in Poland.

5. Brawny Features Strong Women in Flannel for #StrengthHasNoGender Campaign: To honor International Women’s Day on Tuesday, paper towel company Brawny will swap its iconic Brawny Man mascot with four powerful women—each of who is making a difference in her own way.

6. Goldman Sachs Is Buying Up Snapchat Ads for International Women’s Day: As part of a campaign to promote the 10,000 Women project, which provides business and management education for women in developing countries including China and Afghanistan, the Wall Street bank is running ads alongside editorial content in four Discover channels: Refinery29, Vice, BuzzFeed and National Geographic.

7. Microsoft Marks International Women’s Day With Ad Urging Girls to ‘Make What’s Next’: Microsoft on Tuesday is introducing a campaign themed “Make What’s Next,” part of an effort to encourage girls to enter tech fields that’s timed to coincide with International Women’s Day.

8. Playboy’s Sales Pitch to This Whiskey Brand Included a Shot of Instagram Ads: If you visit Playboy.com between now and St. Patrick’s Day (March 17), you’ll see ads for Tullamore D.E.W., the blended Irish whiskey. Then, if you jump onto Instagram, you’ll be retargeted with a 30-second video commercial from the same marketer.

9. The Good Note in Beirut: The Good Note, an initiative offering children on the streets of Lebanon an easier way to get the basic items they need, has won the PR Grand Prix, Direct Grand Prix and Integrated Grand Prix at the Dubai Lynx Awards.

10. How MeUndies gets people to buy products through its Snapchat account: Clothing brand MeUndies has been using its Snapchat account to not only show off its wares, like boxer briefs and lounge pants, but actually sell the casual wear. The brand has included special URLs in some of its Snapchat posts and has seen that 10 percent to 12 percent of the people who see those links end up punching them into their browsers and purchasing the product.

11. Millennials Don’t Need Your Stinking Capitalism, Says Amusing Sprite Ad: Don’t tell millennials your wise old fable about making a fortune through capitalism. They value more intangible things—like guzzling soda made by one of the world’s biggest corporations.