Facebook Has 10 Tips For Video Publishers To Make The Most Of Video Tools

Facebook's latest blog post gives ten tips on how video publishers can make the most of the video tools available to Pages

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Facebook rakes in more than 8 billion video views on average every day. While advertisers have complained about the 3 minute video view count, at the same time Facebook has been a hunting ground for amateur or user-generated videos on its platform. But over the months the networking giant has worked quite aggressively in building its video offering, working hard on solving two major issues related to videos, thereby posing a stiff competition to Google’s YouTube, the grandfather of video social networks.

2016 will be dominated by videos, while Facebook is working to make the platform better and keep advertisers happy too, Anaid Gomez-Ortigoza, Product Manager has written a blog post, highlighting few tips how video publishers can make the most of the video tools available to Pages.

The blog post that provides ten tips starts like scheduling videos to be in sync with the content calendar, adding captions to tell the story, the importance of the video library, managing video distribution settings with video library, among others.

Out of the ten – the major ones that every video publisher should take note are - adding captions, monitoring retention graph and tracking the engagement metrics.

Adding captions is quite important since videos on Facebook autoplay in News Feed without sound, it’s important to think about how to tell your story without sound. “In some cases, we’ve seen publishers provide text overlays and banners to keep viewers engaged even with muted audio, while others have experimented by narrating data points and statistics with moving graphics and images,” writes Anaid.

Retention graph is an important metrics especially for auto playing videos. “The retention curve helps you understand where in the video your audience drops off. It’s normal to see some audience drop off at the very beginning, as people scroll through their News Feed.”

Besides tracking Engagement with your video (likes, comments, and shares) provides an additional signal about audience sentiment and reception. “Track these metrics to better understand what type of content encourages people to take action on your videos.”

This blog post comes right after Facebook reluctantly made a global roll out of the option to bid for 10-second video views on a cost-per-view basis. “Cost-per-view (CPV) bidding is now available to all advertisers globally and is designed for those who value price certainty for video views or value video views as their primary performance metric,” said Facebook.

However, Facebook has made it clear that the 10 second video isn’t a best choice for advertisers. “Please note that we still recommend our current brand buying capabilities, which include reach and frequency buying and auction optimized for video views (oCPM), as the best methods of buying optimal reach and driving brand impact.”

Nonetheless, Facebook has given in to the rational demands of advertisers.