10 Major Updates From Periscope, Facebook, & Snapchat

Weeks major updates from social networks that include Snapchat drawing 4 Billion Video Views Daily, Periscope Building Apple TV App and more

Periscope in India

1. Periscope Flips, Now Also Offers Landscape Video: Today the Twitter-owned network updated its iOS and Android apps to support shooting video in landscape mode, giving broadcasters the ability to capture wider vistas. People launching Periscope streams can now shoot with their phones upright or on their side. And viewers can watch in portrait mode or adjust to match the broadcaster’s orientation.

2. Periscope Is Secretly Building An Apple TV App: Periscope is developing an app for the new Apple TV, according to multiple sources. It will allow users to watch livestreams on their television that are broadcasted from Twitter’s Periscope app. You could consider it a coming of age moment, considering the acquired startup’s website is Periscope.tv.

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3. Facebook Slightly Loosens Grip On Access To Its Live Streaming Video Feature: Facebook has loosened the reins on its live streaming video feature, today giving access to people with verified profiles.

4. Facebook Messenger is coming to the Apple Watch: Facebook is bringing its popular Messenger app to the Apple Watch. This application will allow you to send stickers, have conversations, and share your location with friends.

5. Facebook Is Testing Tweaks In The Design For Brand Pages: Less a redesign and more a rearrangement, Facebook is adjusting the look of brand Pages.

6. Facebook To Small Businesses: Use Pages As Your Primary Mobile Solution: Facebook today introduced several updates to Pages that make them more mobile-friendly and add a number of useful new features. The upgrades were characterized as the “biggest [Pages] update since 2012.”

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7. Snapchat viewers are quick to skip video ads if brands don’t impress: Advertisers that want to run ads on Snapchat should make them snappy, because the app’s millennial audience can be quick to hit skip, according to stats from sponsors. One agency shared a chart with Digiday showing how well Snapchat video ads performed for one of its clients, and about 70 percent of users moved on by the three-second mark.

8. Snapchat Now Draws 4 Billion Video Views Daily: Snapchat has joined an exclusive club: 4 billion video views daily. The social media messaging app is showing strong momentum, doubling its daily video views in three months. The milestone was reported first this week by the International Business Times and confirmed Thursday by the Los Angeles Times.

9. YouTube Reportedly Prepping For Independent Viewability Measurement: The Financial Times is reporting that YouTube will begin allowing third-party verification of ad viewability by the end of the year in response to pushback from major advertisers.

10. LinkedIn debuts new content series showcasing the best young thought leaders on its site: LinkedIn is launching a new publication series designed to showcase the potential of its social network to enhance the economic graph. Called LinkedIn Lists, the intent is to highlight select members and companies on the professional social network LinkedIn says are “doing extraordinary work and transforming their fields.”