10 major updates from Google, Facebook, Twitter, Medium, & Instagram

Social networks news from last week - Facebook launches new layout for Pages, Instagram Stories, LinkedIn launches videos, and more

Google: AMP content coming soon to organic mobile search results: It’s a big deal: Google will start showing indexed Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) content in mobile search results. The company has released a developer preview (g.co/ampdemo) and will roll out indexed AMP content in Google.com soon.

Facebook and Twitter reportedly offering YouTube stars lucrative ad revenue deals: Facebook is inching closer to implementing a revenue-sharing model that will allow its biggest creators to earn advertising money from their video posts.

Twitter will hand out awards to spark advertiser interest, investment: Twitter has organized an awards program to highlight the top ads that have run on its service in the past year, the company announced on Monday.

LinkedIn cautiously brings video to its feed: The company announced today that 30-second videos from LinkedIn Influencers are beginning to show in the feed, effective immediately. To launch the video program, LinkedIn is having its Influencers answer questions related to their areas of expertise and respond to the videos posted by other Influencers. For now, regular LinkedIn users can only watch the videos and comment on them.

Twitter Is Helping Brands Drive Conversations With ‘Instant Unlock Cards’: The company is unveiling an “Instant Unlock Card” that encourages people to tweet about a brand in order to earn rewards such as a movie trailer or an exclusive Q&A.

Facebook launches new layout for Pages: The brand pages focus on the brand and put ads on the sidelines. The new layout is crisp, clean and gives the brand a little more prominence. A spokesperson from Facebook said, “We’ve introduced a new design for Pages on desktop to make it easier for people to learn about and interact with businesses on Facebook, including a new column for tab navigation and a more prominent call-to-action button.”

Instagram Stories is latest example of Facebook Inc. copying Snapchat: On Tuesday Facebook Inc. continued its copycatting of Snapchat, the mobile messaging app it once tried to buy for $3 billion. This time Facebook-owned Instagram cloned Snapchat’s uber-popular Stories format. Instagram Stories doesn’t only take the name of Snapchat’s product that lets people stitch photos and videos into a collection available for 24 hours; it takes the features. Almost all of them.

Facebook tests monetizing live video with mid-roll ads: Facebook Live is taking a step into monetization territory, AdAge reports. The company has confirmed that it has begun testing mid-roll ads into live broadcasts from a handful of top publishers, with a company statement confirming, “We’re running a small test where a group of publishers have the option to insert a short ad break in their Facebook Live videos.”

Medium acquires rich media embedding API platform Embedly: Medium has acquired Embedly, the provider of technology enabling both publishers and consumers to share content across the web. Financial terms of the deal were not disclosed.

Instagram is about to give all of its users more comment control: So in its latest effort to keep the site clean and its burgeoning community happy, the company will soon roll out new tools that’ll let users switch on word and phrase filters to reduce the chances of a rude comment appearing in the discussion beneath their photo. It’ll also be possible to turn off comments altogether on a post-by-post basis.