1. Inside Royal Challengers Bangalore’s YouTube Strategy For #RCBInsider: Taking a look at the YouTube strategy behind the weekly web show ‘RCB Insider’ launched by RCB with RJ Danish Sait during the ongoing IPL8.

2. Why Fair & Lovely’s New Campaign With Beauty Bloggers Is Worth Appreciating: Fair & Lovely’s latest digital campaign has roped in beauty and makeup vloggers in a series of videos sharing tips on communication, interviews, dressing, and more.

3. Facebook Makes Native Ads Easy For Publishers: Facebook has launched new native-focused tools to help publishers more easily implement native ad formats.

4. What Marketers Should Know About Facebook-IBM Deal To Supercharge Personalized Ads: IBM and Facebook are teaming up to offer new integrations to drive personalized campaigns, both on the social network and across other digital channels.

5. Facebook Has Good News For Direct Marketers That Sell Services Through Apps: Facebook announced that app install ads can now include deep links, giving advertisers the option to send people directly to specific places within mobile apps.

6. State of Mobile Advertising - Mobile Video Advertising Booming, Android Leads In Ad Revenues: Mobile advertising data Q1 2015 from Opera Mediaworks shows Android is leading in traffic as well as revenue and mobile video advertising is booming.

7. How Colors TV Got ‘Pappu’ To Interact With Fans For India’s Got Talent: Prior to the launch of India’s Got Talent season 6, Colors TV and Flying Cursor created a smartass character named ‘Pappu’ who helped create a fun engagement on social media.

8. How Baggit Has Lost An Opportunity To Engage And Establish Its New Identity On Digital: A look at ‘Play the Life Game’, Baggit’s rebranding campaign that only offers an array of posters in the name of social media marketing, can Baggit do more?

9. #AbKaunNachega - Amazon India Gets Fans Dancing For Its ‘Whattey Deal, Whattey Feel’: For promoting the Great Indian Summer Sale, Amazon India launched ‘Whattey Deal, Whattey Feel’, on digital the brand has been running #AbKaunNachega to promote it.

10. Idea IIN Rolls Out New Series Of Ads And They Are Equally Misleading: After all the controversy surrounding its misleading ads, Idea has rolled out a new series of IIN ads with a little tweak. But, unfortunately, they are equally misleading.