1. Exclusive: The Inside Story Of How Delivery Hero Backed TastyKhana Was Acquired By FoodPanda: Pune based TastyKhana was acquired by Foodpanda recently, we look at the inside story of the acquisition and the road ahead for TastyKhana. Read more here.

2. Is SBI’s Social Media Policy For It’s Employees Against Freedom Of Speech And Expression: State Bank of India has issued a social media policy for its employees with 10 guidelines wherein they cannot join groups or open profiles under fake names. Here we analyze the SBI SM policy. Read more here.

3. How India Became The Largest Market For This Instant Messaging VoIP App: As India becomes the largest market for Viber, this story looks at how the messaging app has grown post 2013 after it opened up operations in India. Read more here.

4. McDowell’s Celebrates Friendship With The #No1Yaari Digital Film: McDowell’s No. 1 has launched a 7-minute friendship film called #No1Yaari, an ode to Yaari’, sung by Mohit Chauhan. Read more here.

5. How Godrej Is Leveraging Social Media To Connect With its Consumers Via Masterbrand 2.0: A look at social media initiatives in the Godrej Masterbrand 2.0 consumer connect initiative, that involves deeper fan engagement with the help of co-creation initiatives. Read more here.

6. Find Out How This Digital Agency Encourages Employee Creativity: Grey Group India is putting up its employee’s personal artwork on display in its Mumbai office, to showcase its employees creative work and encourage creativity. Read more here.

Grey Digital Project Gallery

7. How To Grow Your Instagram Followers The Deceptive Way: A fake Instagram handle impersonating Amazon India has been deceiving users to grow its Instagram followers, by offering gift cards in exchange of following and reporting. Read more here.

8. How The MTS Drone Made NH7 Weekender 2014 A Happier Festival: MTS India introduced the MTS Drone, a first of its kind at the NH7 Weekender 2014 enabling enthusiastic festival goers a chance to show their moves at the Drone stage. Read more here.

9. Here’s How The Ministry Of Tourism Android App Was Built In Three Months: Mukul Garg shares the inside story of building the official Ministry Of Tourism Android App Tripigator. Read more here.

10. Create Your Own MRF NV Mix Using Bike Sounds With This Cool Online Console: MRF has launched the MRF NV Mix digital campaign where anyone can create music using bike sounds from an online console designed by Experience Commerce. Read more here.