1. 15 Hilarious Tweets On Congress Spokesperson Americai Narayanan’s #HellYeah: After accepting there was corruption during the UPA rule, Congress Spokesperson Americai Narayanan has been trending on Twitter along with his statement #HellYeah. Read more here.

2. 14 Hilarious Tweets On “Where Is Rahul Gandhi”: After a set back for Congress in Maharashtra and Haryana state elections, party VP Rahul Gandhi was no where to be found leading to hilarious reactions on Twitter. Read more here.

3. How This Pune Mobile Startup Is Making Print Ads Interactive And Driving Customer Engagement: Review of Voconow mobile app with thoughts from founder Anand Kulkarni who is bringing interactivity and engagement to print ads with Voconow. Read more here.

4. How A Chocolate Brand Is Making This Diwali A Special One For Our Army Men: The Cadbury Celebrations #LeChaloKhushiyan campaign made it a memorable Diwali for army men by sending vans filled with user wishes to army bases, where the van was fueled by tweets. Read more here.

5. A Husband Initiated Movement To Fight Breast Cancer? Philips Makes It Possible: Philips India has initiated a Husbands initiated Movement to fight breast cancer where husbands have been encouraged to do house chores so that their wives could be free to do a breast self-examination test. Read more here.

6. These International Footballers Show You How Yeh Diwali Is Football Wali: The Indian Super League has launched a Diwali film featuring popular footballing stars displaying their football stunts. Read more here.

7. This Brand Tells You What Is The Most Precious Gift This Diwali #ThisDiwaliGiftTime: The Titan Watches Diwali commercial conceptualized by O&M tells viewers to gift their time this Diwali, as time is the most precious thing in this always on connected digital world. Read more here.


8. 7 Cool Ways This Beer Brand Engaged With Fans At The #KFOctoberfest: Kingfisher celebrated 10 years of Great Indian Octoberfest. The article shares 7 ways from drones to headbanging in which the beer brand engaged with fans. Read more here.


9. This Diwali Music Video Shows You Home Is Just A Break Away #MyDiwaliBreak: KitKat India has launched a Diwali music video featuring a young female astronaut that tells no matter where you are this Diwali, home is just a break away. Read more here.

10. A Beverage Brand Reminds Us That The Best Diwali Is A #GharWaliDiwali: Pepsi has launched a seven minute short film for Diwali that highlights the importance of visiting home for the festival along with a contest where winners win travel vouchers to visit home. Read more here.